The Ultimate Career Guide

For medical students and foundation doctors

Samuel Latham, Amelle Ra

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: June 18, 2021

Pages: 194 pages

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We hate to break it to you but graduating from medical school and becoming a doctor does not guarantee you a jaw-dropping career. However, with help from this book you can unearth exciting opportunities, enhance your employability and maximise your chances of achieving the ultimate career satisfaction!

Whether you are a sixth-form student who has just received an offer to study medicine or a junior doctor looking to take the next step towards your chosen speciality, this book can be used to help you accomplish your career goals. Whichever career path you want to take, and even if you want to work abroad, the information in this book will be relevant to you and it will give you a head start against the competition. It may also help you decide which career path to take! Have a read and set yourself on a pathway to professional enlightenment.


Chapter 1 Essential principles

Chapter 2 Aspects of a successful CV
2.1 Example CV

Chapter 3 Medical portfolios

Chapter 4 The experts

Chapter 5 Academic success
5.1 Degrees and qualifications
5.2 Examinations
5.3 Research
5.4 How points are allocated for academic success
5.5 Top tips for medical students
5.6 Advice from the experts

Chapter 6 Prizes and awards
6.1 Presentation competitions
6.2 Essay competitions
6.3 Bursaries, scholarships and grants
6.4 Medical school prizes
6.5 NHS awards
6.6 Miscellaneous
6.7 How points are allocated for prizes and awards
6.8 Top tips for medical students
6.9 Advice from the experts

Chapter 7 Leadership and management
7.1 Committee member
7.2 Representative
7.3 Founder
7.4 Fellow and scholar
7.5 Non-healthcare related roles
7.6 How points are allocated for leadership and management
7.7 Top tips for medical students
7.8 Advice from the experts

Chapter 8 Teaching others
8.1 Contributing to teaching
8.2 Designing a teaching programme
8.3 Teaching qualifications
8.4 How points are allocated for teaching others
8.5 Top tips for medical students
8.6 Advice from the experts

Chapter 9 Quality improvement
9.1 How points are allocated for quality improvement
9.2 Top tips for medical students
9.3 Advice from the experts

Chapter 10 Demonstrating commitment
10.1 Ways to demonstrate commitment
10.2 How points are allocated for demonstrating commitment
10.3 Top tips for medical students
10.4 Advice from the experts

Chapter 11 General tips for building your portfolio

Chapter 12 The foundation programme (FY1 and FY2)
12.1 Standard UK foundation programme
12.2 Academic foundation programme
12.3 Foundation priority programme
12.4 Psychiatry foundation fellowship programme
12.5 Top tips for medical students

Chapter 13 Taking a FY3
13.1 FY3 clinical roles
13.2 FY3 logistics
13.3 FY3 pitfalls
13.4 Top tips for medical students
13.5 Advice from the experts

Chapter 14 NHS training routes
14.1 Core (internal) medicine training and higher speciality training
14.2 Core surgical training and higher speciality training
14.3 Acute care common stem
14.4 Run-through training programmes
14.5 Competition ratios
14.6 Academic training routes
14.7 Top tips for medical students

Chapter 15 General practice
15.1 Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment
15.2 Selection centre face-to-face assessment (40% of overall STS)
15.3 GP specialty training
15.4 Portfolio general practice
15.5 Insight from GPs and GP trainees

Chapter 16 Alternative careers
16.1 Military doctor
16.2 Entrepreneurship
16.3 Pharmaceutical physician
16.4 Management consulting
16.5 Medico-legal careers
16.6 Top tips for medical students

Chapter 17 Working abroad
17.1 The USA
17.2 Canada
17.3 Australia
17.4 New Zealand
17.5 Points to consider about working abroad
17.6 Top tips for medical students

Chapter 18 Not having a career goal
18.1 Top tips for medical students
18.2 Advice from the experts

Chapter 19 Staying out of trouble


A perfect guide to the perfect portfolio
'Honestly a must have for medical students. I'm in my 3rd year and had lots of questions about how we progress beyond our degree, and this book answered questions I didn't even know I needed to ask! I hadn't realised how early we need to start thinking about future career choices - simply put, the earlier we start the better our chances - and this book is the perfect guide on how to prepare and build our portfolio.
Not only useful for the university years, it is also targeted at FY1 and FY2 doctors in preparation for speciality training, as well as giving accounts and direction for other non-hospital based medical careers, such as expert witness or armed forces.' Amazon reviewer

Buy this book. I wish this existed when I started medical school!
'My first thought when reading this book is that I wished I'd have had it from the start of medical school. It is written in such a clear and fantastic way, demystifying lots of subjects you hear other students/Drs talking about but not really understanding it.
It is also brilliant in terms setting useful and worthwhile goals, and gives you so many tips which save you a lot of time in the future e.g. organistion/CV writing. It has also made me aware of so many extra things you can do along side medical school that improve your skills and can make you stand out, in addition to how to get involved with them. I honestly feel like this should be something that every student reads in their first year at University! The insight from current Doctors in the book is invaulable. I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you for writing such an informative and incredibly useful book!' Amazon reviewer

An excellent informative guide on the progression of the career beyond Medical School
'This book is exceptionally written and provides key, important information and the things to be aware of when it comes to application processes for core medical/surgical training, run through training and also gives some accounts by people who have taken on less well known medical careers such as roles in pharmaceutical companies, medico-legal careers, and working in the armed forces. It offers valuable advice throughout each aspect it covers and also includes recommendations to those considering taking a FY3 before entering a training programme.' Amazon reviewer

A book that all medical students and doctors should have
'This book has everything I need to know regarding my future medical career and how to achieve them. I'm currently working as a FY1 and this book gives me an in-depth understanding and insight of each path that I could take and how to maximise my portfolio for the specialties. At the moment I am unsure what I want to specialise in, and this book is perfect for me as it navigates through different aspects and specialties requirements in details, including working as a doctor abroad! The book also discusses pros and cons of the career pathways, including alternative careers such as army, military, entrepreneurship and etc.
This is an excellent book that has everything all in one place; definitely must-read for all medical students and doctors!' Amazon reviewer

Reviews from students and trainees:
“Having had experience of trying to research many of the topics covered in this guide, I can wholeheartedly say that it is challenging to find what you are looking for. I would have benefitted massively from such a guide had it been available to me sooner.”

“Many of the topics in this guide I was entirely unaware of until well into foundation training. There is no other resource with all of this information in one place, which I feel will give its readers a massive advantage.”

“This is the first book I have come across that tackles the issues of how to progress in medicine once you have graduated. The order of the chapters is very logical. The syntax was very easy to read, without lots of jargon. This guide has answered a lot of questions I have been struggling to answer!”

“This guide is exactly what I and countless medical students need. It has really helped me to understand the whole recruitment system and how to plan ahead before I miss certain opportunities. I have learnt so much from reading this guide.”

“This guide allows medical students to be more informed about career planning. Particularly, the different steps and different opportunities that are available.”

“The information provided is academically sound and very relevant. The text is very clear to read and easy to follow. The authors have done exceptionally well.”

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