Making a Medic

The Ultimate Guide to Medical School

David Brill

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: August 14, 2019

Pages: 318 pages

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Making a Medic is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know in order to succeed at medical school, including:

  • how to study effectively (and still have time for fun!)
  • the latest books, websites and apps to use
  • how to get the most out of clinical placements
  • how to master OSCEs and written exams
  • how to ace the Situational Judgement Test and Prescribing Safety Assessment

and much, much more!

Making a Medic is laid out intuitively year by year, so that readers can easily find the information most relevant to their current stage of study. Packed full of cartoons, anecdotes and practical tips, the content is easy to read and simple to put into action.

Whether you’re in first year or final year, this book will help you manage your workload, revise effectively for exams and secure the scores you need for the Foundation Programme jobs you want.

Chapter 1 Golden rules for surviving medical school
1.1 Look after yourself
1.2 Embrace variety
1.3 Learn to cope with information overload
1.4 Use chunks and yield
1.5 Master time management
1.6 Spiralise yourself
1.7 Go broad
1.8 Never be afraid to get stuff wrong
1.9 You think you know, but how do you know you know?
1.10 Learn to love language
1.11 Be a team player
1.12 Recognise patterns
1.13 Flip reverse it
1.14 Take a deep breath and count to ten...
1.15 When in doubt, DIY
1.16 Figure out your med school flavour
1.17 If you can, teach

Chapter 2 Preclinical years
2.1 What’s it all about?
2.2 Why bother?
2.3 What are you trying to achieve in the preclinical years?
2.4 Study techniques
2.5 Study resources
2.6 Essential skills: how to do well in your preclinical years without going insane
2.7 Clinical and communication skills: level I
2.8 OSCEs: level I
2.9 Written exams

Chapter 3 Your first clinical year
3.1 What’s it all about?
3.2 Techniques
3.3 Resources
3.4 Clinical placements
3.5 The importance of pharmacology
3.6 Clinical skills, communication skills and OSCEs: level II
3.7 Thinking ahead: bits and bobs

Chapter 4 Second clinical year
4.1 What’s it all about?
4.2 Techniques
4.3 Resources
4.4 Pharmacology level II
4.5 Clinical skills, communication skills and OSCEs: level III
4.6 Thinking ahead: career planning

Chapter 5 Final year
5.1 What’s it all about?
5.2 Resources and techniques
5.3 Clinical placements
5.4 The Foundation Programme
5.5 Situational Judgement Test (SJT)
5.6 Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA)
5.7 Electives

Five-star reviews:

Hands down THE ultimate guide to acing medical school "...I almost feel upset that I stumbled across this book by sheer luck in my penultimate year of medical school as opposed to my first year when I was still shiny and enthusiastic! Thank you for writing this Dr Brill, it was a joy to read and packed full of things I will definitely work on putting to use for the remainder of my medical school experience.... Highly recommended for anyone at any stage of medical school - good advice is never untimely." Amazon reviewer

You NEED to get this book "I got this recently and can definitely say that it's already been very helpful. Packed full of advice for every stage of medical school, such as advice on studying techniques, helpful guides on managing workloads and preparing for each bit of medical school, this guide will last you for a long time, and you will definitely come back to it again and again. From the application stage to the final clinical year, this covers each and every situation that you will find yourself in (probably) and guides you through what to expect. There is no other book so well designed for this purpose.
Get one for yourself. Then get one for your friend who's applying to study medicine. Then get four more for all the people you know who are also applying soon.
I guess the only thing left to say is that it's... Brill-iant!" Amazon reviewer
Excellent guide to medical school "What I like most about this book is that it doesn't assume I have certain knowledge about the medical world that my medical school often does. For example, I was never told what "clerking" was exactly. Just told to do it... This book not only clarified what it is but provided thorough advice on how to clerk excellently.... The book is very enjoyable to read. It reads as if I am chatting with a friendly junior doctor over coffee and they are passing on all the tips and advice they wish they'd had at my stage." Amazon reviewer

Sets you up to succeed! "This book really explains why Brill did so well at med school, and excellently gives you all the tips to do the same!" Amazon reviewer
Medic must-have "Excellent support via first hand experience with loads of helpful tips." Amazon reviewer
Helped me with exams "Loved the book. Really handy and an easy read. I especially liked the techniques of how to study. There is just so much to memorize at med school and the tips made a massive difference in how I get that stuff to stick in my head." Amazon reviewer

"the writing is upbeat and easy to read.... a reliable, accessible, and up-to-date guide. How David Brill found time to write this as an FY1 doctor with three small children, beats me. But lots of students will be very glad he did, and I will be recommending it wholeheartedly to any I know"

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