For Authors

We are always happy to hear from authors or editors who are considering writing a new book. The books we publish generally fall into the following categories:

In medicine:
practical handbooks for GPs, GP trainees and their trainers
inspiring textbooks for medical students
revision guides for medical students
reference and revision guides for anaesthestists and trainees

In the sciences:
concise textbooks for undergraduate students
revision guides for undergraduate students

Why publish with Scion?
Scion provides authors with:

  • individual attention throughout the writing period – the personal attention that only a small committed and knowledgeable team can provide
  • rapid publication – typically four months from receipt of manuscript to publication
  • high quality production – we take real pride in our products and understand the value in striving for perfection
  • experience – the Scion team have spent 50+ years developing, producing, selling and marketing STM books for the worldwide market

Submitting a Proposal
If you have an idea for a new book that you would like to submit to Scion for consideration, then please review our guide to submitting a proposal.

Submitting a proposal