Scion Publishing Ltd was established in 2003 to publish high quality and innovative medical and life science books for students. It is still run day-to-day by its founders.

We publish 10–15 books a year with a focus on:

  • brief textbooks and revision guides for medical students
  • practical guides for general practice/family medicine
  • revision/reference titles in anaesthesia.

Our books are popular, with several bestsellers in their field, and well reviewed, with several winning prestigious awards from the British Medical Association.

As a small publisher we offer a friendly and personal service to all our authors and customers. Our authors love working with us and this is reflected in the quality of the books we publish. We work closely with authors to develop, edit and produce the best books we can – and being small, we can keep cover prices down below those of our competitors.

Our small team are able to make rapid decisions about new book proposals, and to turn manuscripts into finished books, quickly and efficiently.

In the days of huge, faceless, publishing giants, we feel we can offer something different whilst still producing excellent books.

We’re happily based in the Oxfordshire countryside in a beautiful old building that once belonged to Aston Martin.


Scion and Lantern Publishing Ltd
Scion is also part owner of the nursing and healthcare publisher, Lantern Publishing Ltd (www.lanternpublishing.com). We share many of the same resources, such as reps and distributors.

University Science Books
Scion is delighted to represent University Science Books in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. You can find their books on our website, but for more detailed information please go to: https://uscibooks.aip.org/