CRQs and SBAs for the Final FRCA

Questions and detailed answers

Daniel Sumner, Catherine Allen, Andrew Feneley, Mehul Raithatha

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: May 2, 2022

Pages: 258 pages

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Three complete mock exams, with answers, including the new-style CRQs

CRQs and SBAs for the Final FRCA combines CRQ (constructed response questions) with SBA (single best answer) questions to accurately mimic the structure and content of the new-style final FRCA exam.

The book is split into three mock exams, each comprising:

  • 12 CRQ with 60 SBA questions
  • detailed explanatory answers
  • useful references to articles to allow readers to improve their knowledge
  • an indication as to the degree of difficulty of each question.

The book is ideal for all candidates preparing to sit the final FRCA.

3 complete mock exams for the final FRCA

Each exam contains 12 CRQs and 60 SBA questions, together with answers and explanations.

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