Physics in Anaesthesia, second edition

Ben Middleton, Justin Phillips, Simon Stacey

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: June 13, 2021

Pages: 360 pages

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Much of anaesthetic practice is underpinned by physics, yet many struggle when studying the subject. This book has been written with the aim of helping those who have long since parted company with physics.
This new edition has been comprehensively updated, but the content remains aligned with the FRCA syllabus, making Physics in Anaesthesia ideal for trainee anaesthetists, as well as for operating department practitioners and anaesthetic nurses. In addition, clinical science and engineering students will appreciate the linking of theory and practice. Physics in Anaesthesia gives a complete and structured overview:

  • Explanations start from first principles
  • Simple everyday examples are used to illustrate core concepts
  • Clinical examples highlight the applications of physics in anaesthesia
  • Worked examples and helpful diagrams develop understanding
  • Completely revised MCQs/SBAs now available online with hints and tips, plus answers

1. Atoms and matter
2. Simple mechanics
3. Energy and power
4. Temperature and heat
5. Waves
6. Pressure measurement
7. Humidity
8. Measurement of gas flow
9. The gas laws
10. Diffusion, osmosis and solubility
11. Measuring gas and vapour concentrations
12. Vaporizers
13. Medical gas supplies
14. Breathing systems and ventilation
15. Optics
16. Blood flow measurement
17. Equipment management
18. Basics of electricity
19. Electromagnetism and alternating current
20. Electrical shocks and safety
21. Electrocardiography, pacing and defibrillation
22. Processing, storage and display
23. Ultrasound
24. Lasers
25. Magnetic resonance imaging
26. Nuclear physics and radiation
27. Basic mathematical concepts
28. Physical quantities and SI units
29. Statistics

Essential text
‘Excellent second edition to what is irrefutably the best physics in anaesthetics textbook out there !' Amazon reviewer

Essential physics reading for FRCA Primary
‘This is an excellent book on physics for the FRCA Primary which I'm currently studying for. It's clear, concise and presented in an easy to read and logical format. It assumes no prior physics knowledge (last time I studied physics was at GCSE) and guides you from basic principles through to clinical application. The diagrams are extremely useful and easy to understand, and I managed to get through it all in about 3 weeks during my on-calls and with a zero-hours week. I couldn't recommend this book highly enough. My only criticism is that there isn't a colour version!' Amazon reviewer

Explains difficult concepts in simple terms with excellent comparisons. Should have bought it sooner
‘Explains difficult concepts in simple terms with excellent comparisons. Should have bought it sooner. Very good for core trainees working for primary exam.' Amazon reviewer

Five Stars
‘Good for Primary FRCA. Must have.' Amazon reviewer

‘This is a superb book and helped me greatly during my Primary FRCA. Easy to read and explains basic concepts really well. There's another book, Equipment for Anaesthetics And Critical Care, which compliments this nicely. Throughly recommend getting both.' Amazon reviewer

Great starting point for primary FRCA studies
‘I'm an anaesthetic trainee and I am finding this book very helpful. Explains everything in a very easy way to understand without being too wordy. Important equations are highlighted and there are "Clinical applications" boxes throughout to put the information into context. Very pleased with this book. Nice size for my handbag too so I can read it on long journeys etc.' Amazon reviewer

Five Stars
‘Very good, simple terminology compared to other physics FRCA primary texts, and covers the required topics.' Amazon reviewer

excellent book, well written
‘Great for the part 1 FRCA, really practical and relevant info, well worth the money! MCQs and SBA at the end of each chapter, perfect. Was dreading reading about physics, but in the end it was a pleasure to read.' Amazon reviewer

Five Stars
‘the best physics book iv found (for a physics rookie)' Amazon reviewer

Must have book
‘Essential book for trainee anaesthetists undertaking primary FRCA, Well written and easy to read.' Amazon reviewer

Difficult concepts are explained coherently with easy to understand examples
‘Currently revising for the FRCA Primary and have found this book indispensable. Difficult concepts are explained coherently with easy to understand examples, as well as a key clinical applications. It has made some very dry topics interesting to read about.
The chapters are brief but contain all the essential information. There are some close correlations to the curriculum which make mapping revision easy.
There are useful diagrams and worked examples throughout, as well a well thought through self-test MCQs and SBAs.
This is a brilliant book that'd I'd recommend to anyone doing the exam!' Amazon reviewer

Physics in Anaesthesia - Excellent for ODP's & periop Nurses!
‘Firstly let me state that this review is based on a sample copy I received from the publisher for review purposes but that this review will be unbiased and honest. I am a senior lecturer for a DipHE ODP course and I also run the post registration anaesthetic modules for our degree students. I regularly teach physics to ODP's and theatre nurses. I was therefore asked to review this book.

This is without a doubt the most understandable anaesthetic physics book I have come accross and I have read and own most of them. The book is clearly laid out and written in an easy to understand language and style. Diagrams, charts and figures are used apprpriately to help explain many key concepts. I do like the authors' use of analogies for some of the topics. For example, they explain viscosity by comparing pouring treacle to pouring milk etc and then discuss why there are differences (I wont spoil it for you but it does go a little deeper). They then take this further to explain how these concepts affect blood flow for example(amongst other things).

I dont think we will ever see the ideal phsyics book for anaesthesia and this book also requires the reader to at least have a very basic understanding of science to around average GCSE level in order to get the most out of it in my opinion. Having said that it is the simplest and easiest to understand book on this topic I have read but thats not to say that it is light on information. It covers subjects to a fairly deep level. Certainly deep enough for any ODP or theatre nurse as well as FRCA primary level so good for all you FY2's out there.

My only criticism would be that the maths chapter is a little light and only briefly skims topics but then what would you expect! Maths can fill whole books by itself. Most of the topics in the book are explained so clearly that what litte maths has been used is fairly easy to follow.

In Summary, this book breaks the mold by being an accessible anaesthetic physics book. Most other titles have a very steep gradient and rely on the reader having a fairly advanced understanding of physics in the first place which to me defeats the purpose of writing a physics book if the reader should already understand the topic! This title then is a breath of fresh air and is what I and my students (and you!) have been waiting for. I thoroughly recommend this title both as a practitioner myself and as a lecturer. It has already made it onto my reading list and purchase requests gone to the library. One point I would like to make. Could we have a Kindle version of this book please? It would be extremely useful to carry around on an ipad/Kindle.

I hope more anaesthetic texts/publishers follow suit and start producing books that are more accessbile and explain their topics in plain english like these authors have done. (and provide digital versions too!)

(I have recieved no payment or benefit from the publisher or authors other than a review copy of the book and am in no way connected to the publisher or the authors.)' Amazon reviewer

Excellent Physics in Anaesthesia Book
‘This is an excellent textbook for anaesthetists studying for the FRCA. Covers everything in the syllabus. Clear and concise diagrams and explainations. I will be recommending this book to my trainees.' Amazon reviewer

This is a MUST have book!!!
‘I just recently got my hands on this book and I am so glad that I did. I am a newly qualified ODP and l really find this book very helpful. I must admit that during my time at university I had trouble understanding physics but having read the contents from this books makes me easily understood most of it.

The illustrations presented are easy to understand and the book has a structure that builds up your knowledge gradually. I also find the self-assesment section at the end of each chapter very helpful wherein you can test your understanding by answering some of the questions.

How I wish that this book was released during my university days but what can I do!?! Having said that, it is never too late for me to have this as learning is a non-stop process. I therefore recommend this book to ODP students and to all newly qualified ODP's like me. Who knows you could be top in your class....

THANKS to this book!!!!!' Amazon reviewer

Finally its here
‘Revising for fellowship exams i always felt there was lack of single source that covered the whole course. I think this book fills the vacuum that existed. Statistics is easily the best chapter i have come across for anaesthetic exams. This book can prove to be a wonderful source for anybody associated with anaesthetics who wants to read, revise or simply brush up on forgotten facts from years gone by.' Amazon reviewer

Essential reading
‘An excellent book for all grades of anaesthetist, but particularly for those studying for the FRCA.
Useful, too, for ODPs and other anaesthetic practitioners.

Well laid out, good diagrams, good examples, and appropriate detail.

I'll be recommending this to all my trainees.' Amazon reviewer

Clear and Understandable
‘An excellent, detailed overview of medical physics, not just for anaesthetists, but for anyone working with medical electronics / medical physics equipment.
I run an MSc in Medical Electronics and Physics, and will recommend this book to all my students, as a clear detailed outline of a wide range of the equipment they need to understand, with excellent worked examples, helping them understand the clinical basis associated with them.' Amazon reviewer

Primary FRCA Exams
‘I have read through this lovely book before asking questions to candidates. Has very simplistic yet has all the required buzz words needed to pass comfortably in the physics and measurements component. The explanatory figures are easy to follow and understand.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to all the candidates for the preparations before the FRCA exams...' Amazon reviewer

Must have. The pearl of my library
‘Simple and comprehensive. Crearly written, the best 'Physics' I've ever read. Strongly recommend to everyone.' Amazon reviewer

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