Communication Skills for OSCEs

Rachel Wamboldt, Niamh Loughran

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: March 29, 2017

Pages: 308 pages

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Communication skills are the cornerstone of being a good doctor and there is a growing trend to incorporate these skills within the medical school curriculum.

Medical students are normally well-versed in the medical knowledge needed for their OSCEs but often struggle with the key communication techniques required. This book shows how better communication skills will lead to a better consultation. It combines a practical approach to communicating with the essential clinical knowledge needed to help students perfect their consultations.

It is written by medical students and junior doctors for medical students and junior doctors.

Communication Skills for OSCEs is the first medical OSCEs book to focus on the key communication skills the medical student needs.

Communication Skills for OSCEs prepares you for the examination setting but, in doing so, also provides the building blocks for good communication skills throughout your career.

Section 1: Introduction to communication skills
1. How to use this book and get the most out of role play
2. The importance of communication skills in healthcare
3. Application of the Calgary–Cambridge Model
4. General approach to information gathering
5. Information giving and shared decision making

Section 2: System-focused communication
6. Perfecting the systems review
7. Psychiatry
8. Neurology
9. Orthopaedics and rheumatology
10. Ophthalmology
11. Cardiovascular medicine
12. Respiratory medicine
13. Ears, nose and throat
14. Gastroenterology and hepatology
15. Nephrology and urology
16. Obstetrics and gynaecology
17. Dermatology
18. Endocrinology

Section 3: Special situations in communication
19. Older people’s medicine
20. Paediatrics
21. Taking a drug history
22. The consultation through an interpreter
23. Safeguarding vulnerable adults and children
24. Breaking bad news
25. Communicating error and conflict resolution
26. Communicating risk
27. Consenting for a procedure
28. Talking to colleagues 

Five-star reviews:

Amazing book! "This book is essential for every single medical student's shelf!
It begins with a really helpful summary about how to get the most out of a consultation, including how to approach certain topics, the best way to structure your history and how to build up a good relationship between you and the patient.
There is a general outline about taking any history (not topic-specific) and then there are chapters for guidance on topic-specific consultations (e.g. psychiatry, neurology, orthopaedics and rheumatology etc.). Therefore, this book can be used from day 1 in medical school, right up to year 5 (and beyond!). I can't wait to apply what this book has taught me to my next OSCE!" Amazon reviewer

The go-to textbook for communication skills "A very concise yet comprehensive textbook on communication skills for medical students. It's a perfect resource for doing well in OSCEs, but also for clerking patients on the wards in clinical years. You would be missing out if you don't read this book as a medical student." Amazon reviewer

Fantastic book for OSCEs "What a useful book! It has everything in it from general consultation skills to information on specific systems (what questions to ask about e.g. a headache) to detailed help with e.g. Breaking bad news. Very clearly laid out with just the right amount of information, I'd say it's essential for anyone being examined on communication skills. Third year medical student, on Amazon

Great help for Comms Skills OSCEs!
"A really useful book for medical students. Lots of key information is laid out clearly and concisely and is nicely organised into separate specialities.
There are lots of examples to go through as well. This is especially useful for the communication skills station in OSCEs" Amazon reviewer

Five Stars "Really good book for OSCEs. It's concise and breaks down the topics really well!" Amazon reviewer

No resources currently available for this title. Marking scheme for Communication Skills for OSCEs

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