Medicine in a Minute

Amar Vaswani, Hwan Juet Khaw

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 30, 2018

Pages: 504 pages

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Winner of the Young Authors Award at the BMA book awards 2019! AND Highly Commended in the Medicine category!

Here’s what the BMA reviewers said:
“I would unreservedly recommend this book to any medical student and indeed anyone else who wanted to learn more about internal medicine including junior doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants. I would have loved a book like this when I was a medical student.”

Medicine in a Minute is a new full-colour text covering the fundamentals of undergraduate medicine in one book. Medical students no longer have the time or inclination to read the huge texts that used to dominate this market – they need a concise book that covers the core information they have to know, and in a user-friendly format: Medicine in a Minute is this book!

The book is edited and written by two of the authors behind the bestselling Cardiology in a Heartbeat and features several common design elements and features. It has quickly found favour with medical students and is consistently one of the bestselling medical student texts.

The book is divided into body systems and then each section within the particular body system follows a consistent pattern:

  • Definition
  • Epidemiology 
  • Risk factors
  • Differential diagnosis 
  • Aetiology 
  • Pathophysiology
  • Clinical features 
  • Investigations 
  • Management

Medicine in a Minute is a student-friendly, concise text that you will want close to hand throughout your studies.


1. Cardiology
2. Respiratory medicine
3. Gastroenterology and hepatobiliary medicine
4. Endocrinology
5. Neurology
6. Haematology, oncology and palliative medicine
7. Nephrology
8. Metabolic medicine and toxicology
9. Infectious disease
10. Rheumatology and immunology
11. Dermatology
12. The emergency ladder
Diagram Attributions

Great for finals!
'I love this book. Covers lots of common, important conditions that are easy to read when you have a spare minute. The book is very well laid out using colour, tables and images. I've got finals coming up in a few months and feel with this book I will be well prepared! It's well worth the money.' Amazon reviewer

Best clinical medicine book out there
'I've bought many medical textbooks during my time in medical school but I can simply say this is the best of its type. Pitched at exactly the right level for clinical medicine.' Amazon reviewer

Good piece of work
'I like it soo much this book. I think it should the book of the year. Amazing and relevant information, concise and crutial. I am enjoying it. Thanks guys. Well done.' Amazon reviewer

Very good book. A delight to read
'Concise, well written. easy to read and a good revision book. The layout is good with superb use of colours.' Amazon reviewer

Comprehensive textbook
'This is an excellent textbook perfect for senior medical students and junior doctors alike. It covers each body system comprehensively; outlining normal physiology and common pathologies and integrates this with clinical features and management stratgeies. It is complemented by useful medical images and examination tips and its layout makes it very easy to read. I particularly liked the emergencies section which covers common situations encountered by junior doctors in the hospital situation.' Amazon reviewer

A great revision book for clinical year students and finals
'I have used various revision books and found this book to be very good overall. The layout is clear and easy to follow rather than packed with text. They have small boxes of key clinical pearls and I really like these! The information provided is accurate and up to date. Only essential to know information is provided so it is perfect for lunch time revision while being on placement. I also love the final chapter with all emergency scenarios with ABCDE approach! Highly recommend this book to students especially clinical years and finals!' Amazon reviewer

'This book is wonderful and is highly recommended for medical students. It covers a huge range of diseases in concise, accurate detail which should leave you well prepared for exams.'
Amazon reviewer

Worth every penny!
'Fantastic book that gives well laid out, easy to read info on loads of key conditions. Looking at the diagnosis and investigations, science behind the disease, and treatments. A must have for any medical student, I can't recommend enough! This has been so useful to me, it's so easy to quickly find and revise the key info you need to know about loads of conditions you commonly come across. This book is like a cheat-sheet for medicine!' Amazon reviewer

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