Clinical Biochemistry, second edition

Richard Luxton

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: February 15, 2008

Pages: 300 pages

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Clinical Biochemistry, second edition, is essential reading for all students studying clinical biochemistry, especially those on biomedical science courses.

The book concentrates on the areas of body function required for the maintenance of health. These include:

  • input
  • control
  • processing
  • transport and storage
  • defence and output

Each chapter provides an introduction to pathophysiology; how biochemical changes arise as a result of disease processes. The book also describes the important methods used in clinical biochemistry laboratories to show how biochemical changes are measured and how they change during disease.

This edition has been substantially revised to incorporate the latest developments in genomics, proteomics and biosensors. The book also benefits from an improved design and layout to aid student understanding.

1. What is clinical biochemistry?
2. Nutrition and drugs
3. Digestion
4. Genetic control
5. Endocrinology
6. Thyroid hormones
7. Control of water and electrolyte metabolism
8. Control of calcium metabolism
9. Control of carbohydrate metabolism
10. Enzymes
11. Inborn errors of metabolism
12. Plasma proteins
13. Lipid and lipoproteins
14. Acid-base balance and blood gases
15. Immunoglobulins
16. Proteins of the innate immune system
17. Kidney function
18. Liver function

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