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Format: Paperback

Publication date: September 21, 2016

Pages: 544 pages

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Biochemistry has been written and designed specifically for briefer courses in the subject.

Written by Prof. Terry Brown of the University of Manchester (author of Genomes and Gene Cloning), the book provides the necessary detail and rigor expected for these courses, but without the extraneous material found in the larger textbooks.

With an increasing number of students taking a shorter course in biochemistry there is a growing need for a book that covers the subject concisely and succinctly. 

Biochemistry has been designed from the outset for these shorter courses; it is not a cut-down version of one of the larger books that dominate the market. 

Although it is shorter, there is no compromise in content, style and coverage. The book is attractively designed in full color throughout with all the pedagogical features expected in a major textbook. It covers what your students should be expected to know and is written in the clear and accurate writing style for which Terry Brown is widely lauded.

The book is competitively priced and there are ebooks available from the usual e-textbook suppliers.

Exam copies

To request an exam copy, please email Simon Watkins, Sales Director [] with the following information: Course Name and Number; Enrollment; Course Start Date; Current Recommended Texts.

Note that exam copies will be supplied only to faculty teaching an appropriate course and with a valid university email address.


Powerpoints of all the illustrations, diagrams and tables are now available for lecturers. If you would like these, please email Simon Watkins, Sales Director [] The powerpoints will be provided via file transfer (we generally use WeTransfer).

Chapter 1 Biochemistry in the modern world

Chapter 2 Cells and Organisms
Chapter 3 Proteins
Chapter 4 Nucleic acids
Chapter 5 Lipids and biological membranes
Chapter 6 Carbohydrates

Chapter 7 Enzymes
Chapter 8 Energy generation: glycolysis
Chapter 9 Energy generation: the TCA cycle and electron transport chain
Chapter 10 Photosynthesis
Chapter 11 Carbohydrate metabolism
Chapter 12 Lipid metabolism
Chapter 13 Nitrogen metabolism

Chapter 14 DNA replication and repair
Chapter 15 RNA synthesis
Chapter 16 Protein synthesis
Chapter 17 Control of gene expression

Chapter 18 Studying proteins, lipids and carbohydrates
Chapter 19 Studying DNA and RNA

Five-star reviews:

Helpful, informative, and cheap too!
"This is one of the recommended textbooks for the first year of my course. It is very easy to read, and finding the information that I need is also very simple. The illustrations are great, as they are easy to follow whilst also including all of the important knowledge. This book is also pretty cheap, which is amazing considering that I've used this book a lot more than the other more expensive recommended texts!"

Very nice book
"This is a very nice, well-written book with lots of illustrations. I highly recommend it for biomedical science degrees."

All the pretty pictures!
"I love the content in this book. There's lots of colorful pictures and different side stories that relate to the content of each section. I sound like a child, but I can't stress enough how helpful colorful pretty pages are for me when it comes to information retention. The book presents the chemistry aspect of the content in easy little squares/boxes of information. Just relevant details without drowning you. I am a chemistry major, but's definetly refreshing to read such a friendly book. Did I mention how easy it is to read? It is. You could sit down at the laundromat while all of your 3 pairs of pants and 4 shirts wash, and read this book like a novel."

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