Understanding Clinical Research

An introduction

Kathryn Biddle, Anna Blundell, Nidhi Sofat

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Publication date: May 16, 2023

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It is important for healthcare professionals to understand the basics of clinical research. This book offers a thorough explanation of the principles of clinical research, alongside a wide range of worked examples which show how these principles are applied in practice.

Understanding Clinical Research takes readers from how to develop research questions, through the design of research studies, to disseminating research findings. Ethical considerations, research integrity, patient involvement, and study funding are all covered, along with an introduction to the key statistical methods needed for data analysis.

Ideal for any healthcare professional:

  • interested in understanding more about the development of evidence-based practice
  • wanting to undertake research but not sure where to start
  • considering or just starting a PhD / MD, or a PGCert in Research Studies

Chapter 1: Getting started in clinical research
Chapter 2: Designing and appraising clinical studies
Chapter 3: Statistics
Chapter 4: Ethical considerations and governance
Chapter 5: Public and patient involvement
Chapter 6: Qualitative research
Chapter 7: Disseminating your research findings

Glossary of terms; Index

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