The Golden Helix

Inside biotech ventures

Arthur Kornberg

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: August 3, 1995

Pages: 288 pages

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This candid narrative by Nobel laureate, Arthur Kornberg, chronicles the saga of a small biotech start-up, the key players, the painstaking development of the perfect product, and the forces affecting its resulting success or failure. Kornberg’s razor-sharp wit and provocative opinions make this book a compelling page turner, whether he is decrying the current fashion in scientific funding or delving into the hotly contested PCR patent trial.

1. Currents and Eddies in Biotechnology
2. Birth of a Biotech Venture
3. A Scientist Entrepreneur: Alejandro Zaffaroni
4. A Biotech-Driven Pharmaceutical Company
5. Growth of a Biotech Venture
6. The DNAX-Schering-Plough Connection
7. Genentech, Amgen, Chiron, and Regeneron
8. Pros and Cons of Biotech Ventures

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