The Chemistry of Water

Susan E. Kegley, Joy Andrews

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: December 10, 1997

Pages: 192 pages

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This introductory laboratory manual will help students design a sampling plan, understand the instrumental and analytical techniques used for the assessment of water quality, learn how to interpret data and use statistical analyses, and apply scientific reasoning to an environmental problem. Ideal for use in the laboratory portion of an introductory environmental chemistry or general chemistry course, the manual provides substantial background information about water chemistry and gives the instructor a choice of procedures for each analysis, from instrument-intensive techniques to those requiring nothing more than a buret and a few chemicals.
A detailed Instructors’ Manual is available for adopting professors.

  1. Water Quality
  2. Sampling
  3. Field Measurements
  4. Acids and Bases
  5. Anions in Natural Waters
  6. Ion Chromatography
  7. Cations in Natural Waters
  8. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
  9. Data Analysis

Appendix A: Ionic Substances in Natural Waters
Appendix B: Dilutions
Appendix C: Using Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis

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