Statistical Mechanics

Donald A. McQuarrie

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: June 15, 2000

Pages: 640 pages

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Statistical Mechanics is the extended version of McQuarrie’s earlier text – Statistical Thermodynamics [USB 1984]. Statistical Mechanics [previously published by Longman Education] is a renowned accessible introduction to the subject. It contains a large number of problems at the end of each chapter to help students understand the material and to introduce them to selected extensions.

1. Introduction and Review

2. The Canonical Ensemble

3. Other Ensembles and Fluctuations

4. Boltzmann Statistics, Fermi-Dirac Statistics, and Bose-Einstein Statistics

5. Ideal Monatomic Gas

6. Ideal Diatomic Gas

7. Classical Statistical Mechanics

8. Ideal Polyatomic Gas

9. Chemical Equilibrium

10. Quantum Statistics

11. Crystals

12. Imperfect Gases

13. Distribution Functions in Classical Monatomic Liquids

14. Perturbation Theories of Liquids

15. Solutions of Strong Electrolytes

16. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Molecular Collisions

17. Continuum Mechanics

18. Kinetic Theory of Gases and the Boltzmann Equation

19. Transport Processes in Dilute Gases

20. Theory of Brownian Motion

21. The Time-Correlation Function Formalism, I

22. The Time-Correlation Function Formalism, II

Appendix A. Values of Some Physical Constants and Energy Conversion Factors

Appendix B. Fourier Integrals and the Dirac Delta Function

Appendix C. Debye Heat Capacity Function

Appendix D. Hard-Sphere Radial Distribution Function

Appendix E. Tables for the m-6-8 Potential

Appendix F. Derivation of the Golden Rule of Perturbation Theory

Appendix G. The Dirac BRA and KET Notation

Appendix H. The Heisenberg Time-Dependent Representation

Appendix I. The Poynting Flux Vector

Appendix J. The Radiation Emitted by an Oscillating Dipole

Appendix K. Dielectric Constant and Absorption


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