A case-based approach to management

Nidhi Sofat, Zoe Rutter-Locher, Helen Oakley

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: August 20, 2021

Pages: 212 pages

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A practical guide to the diagnosis and management of common rheumatic disorders, using real case histories.

Alongside the development of national and international guidelines for the management of rheumatic disorders, there has been a huge growth in the availability of new therapies. This book summarises diagnosis and patient management based around the latest guidelines and expanded treatment options, including the scientific rationale upon which these treatments are based.

To aid understanding, the book:

  • features real case histories to illustrate the range of clinical presentations and how these can be managed
  • covers all common rheumatic disorders, from rheumatoid arthritis through crystal arthropathies to fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions
  • includes a dedicated chapter on paediatric rheumatology
  • provides advice on physiotherapy including links to recommended video demonstrations

The book is written for clinicians, nurses and physiotherapists working in musculoskeletal medicine, in addition to GPs, and doctors preparing for the Specialist Certificate Examination in rheumatology.

1. Rheumatoid arthritis
2. Connective tissue disease
3. Crystal arthropathies
4. Psoriatic arthritis
5. Ankylosing spondylitis
6. Vasculitis
7. Osteoarthritis
8. Osteoporosis
9. Chronic pain disorders
10. Soft tissue disorders

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