Questions and Answers for the MFSRH

Paula Briggs, Tina Dwivedi, Melisa Thomas

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: April 25, 2018

Pages: 160 pages

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Questions and Answers for the MFSRH provides the ideal revision guide for MFSRH exam candidates. The authors are experienced teachers and run a training course in Liverpool.
The book helps candidates prepare for the MFSRH exam. It provides background information and over 200 practice questions for both Part One and Part Two, including:

  • Single best answer questions
  • Extended matching questions
  • Critical reading questions
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

In addition, detailed explanations are given for each answer to improve understanding, and references are provided to guide readers to the supporting evidence.
The book is also suitable for revision for the DRCOG and MRCOG.


Introduction to MFSRH Part One
Practice paper 1: SBA questions
Answers to practice paper 1 SBA questions
Practice paper 2: SBA questions
Answers to practice paper 2 SBA questions

Introduction to MFSRH Part Two
Hints and tips for the Extended Matching Questions paper
Extended Matching Questions
Answers to EMQs
Hints and tips for the Critical Reading Questions paper
Critical Reading Questions
Answers to CRQs
Hints and tips for the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations
Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

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