Questions and Answers for the Diploma in Occupational Medicine, revised edition

Clare Fernandes, Karen Nightingale

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: August 20, 2021

Pages: 196 pages

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This book is designed to help candidates prepare for the MCQ part of the Diploma in Occupational Medicine exam. The first 150 questions, along with their answers and explanations, are designed to help readers check their understanding. This section of the book is broken down into the core subject areas on which you will be tested:

  • Ethics and the law
  • Effects of work on health
  • Principles of occupational health
  • Clinical occupational health
  • Health and safety at work

The book also contains a complete mock practice exam of 60 questions, together with answers and commentary. These questions follow the style of those in the exam and will help fully prepare candidates, by allowing them to develop an understanding of how the exam questions work.

Written by a GP Registrar (and winner of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s Mobbs Fellowship) who recently passed the exam, and checked for accuracy by a Consultant in Occupational Medicine, this book is the ideal revision and practice guide for exam candidates.

From reviews:
“As a recent DOccMed candidate, I consider this book to be a useful reference for those preparing for the written part of the diploma examination… it would be an excellent investment for anyone preparing for the exam.” Occupational Medicine, April 2018

Preface to the revised edition
List of abbreviations
Introduction to the exam

Chapter 1 Ethics and law
Answers to Ethics and law questions

Chapter 2 Effects of work on health
Answers to Effects of work on health questions

Chapter 3 Principles of occupational health and clinical occupational health
Answers to Principles of occupational health and clinical occupational health questions

Chapter 4 Miscellaneous
Answers to Miscellaneous questions

Chapter 5 Mock exam
Answers to Mock exam

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