A Clinical Handbook

Mohsin Azam, Mohammed Qureshi, Daniel Kinnair

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: February 15, 2016

Pages: 282 pages

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Psychiatry: a clinical handbook provides all the essential information required for a successful psychiatry rotation.

Written by two recently qualified junior doctors and a consultant psychiatrist, the book offers an exam-centred, reader-friendly style backed up with concise clinical guidance.

The book covers diagnosis and management based upon the ICD-10 Classification and the latest NICE guidelines. For every psychiatric condition:

  • the diagnostic pathway is provided with suggested phrasing for sensitive questions
  • the relevant clinical features to look out for in the mental state examination are listed
  • a concise definition and basic pathophysiology/aetiology is outlined.

The book also boasts a range of features to test your understanding of the subject:

  • Self-assessment questions are provided at the end of each chapter.
  • A common OSCE scenarios chapter with mark schemes, to aid practising with colleagues in preparation for exams.
  • An exam-style questions chapter with detailed answers written by a Consultant Psychiatrist.

Printed with an attractive full colour design, the book includes mnemonics, clinical photos, diagrams, OSCE tips and key fact boxes.

Psychiatry: a clinical handbook is ideal for medical students, junior doctors and psychiatry trainees.

From reviews:
“This book excels as a guide for studying, for a variety of reasons. Notably, the pedagogic quality truly benefits from the authors’ deliberate use of a variety of formats for presenting information. As a result, nearly any medical student could find this book easy to use.” Doody, July 2016

“One of the best psychiatry books I have ever read. It is organised in a neat, concise manner with tables, colours, mnemonics, OSCE tips to name but a few.” Amazon reviewer

Preface; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Outline of the book

1: Introduction to psychiatry

2: Assessment in psychiatry
2.1 Psychiatric history taking
2.2 Mental state examination

3: Mood disorders
3.1 Overview of mood disorders
3.2 Depressive disorder
3.3 Bipolar affective disorder

4: Psychotic disorders
4.1 Overview of psychosis
4.2 Schizophrenia

5: Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders
5.1 Overview of anxiety disorders
5.2 Generalized anxiety disorder
5.3 Phobic anxiety disorders
5.4 Panic disorder
5.5 Post-traumatic stress disorder
5.6 Obsessive–compulsive disorder
5.7 Medically unexplained symptoms

6: Eating disorders
6.1 Anorexia nervosa
6.2 Bulimia nervosa

7: Alcohol and substance misuse
7.1 Substance misuse
7.2 Alcohol abuse

8: Personality disorders

9: Suicide and self-harm
9.1 Deliberate self-harm
9.2 Suicide and risk assessment

10: Old age psychiatry
10.1 Delirium
10.2 Dementia

11: Child psychiatry
11.1 Autism
11.2 Hyperkinetic disorder
11.3 Learning disability

12: Management
12.1 Psychotherapies
12.2 Antidepressants
12.3 Antipsychotics
12.4 Mood stabilizers
12.5 Anxiolytics and hypnotics
12.6 Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
12.7 Mental health and the law (England and Wales)

13: Forensic psychiatry

14: Common OSCE scenarios and mark schemes

15: Exam-style questions

Glossary of terms
Appendix A: Answers to exam-style questions
Appendix B: Answers to self-assessment questions
Appendix C: Figure acknowledgements

"As a third year medical student on my psychiatry rotation, I found this textbook extremely useful. With the perfect amount of detail, the core conditions are conveyed in an easy to follow manner with helpful diagrams and tables. "

Amazon reviewer

"I have looked at a few psychiatry books as a medical student and I have to say that this is my favourite by some way. It's certainly very useful to revise from as it presents the key information that you need. It's user friendly and the text is easy to read. There is good use of colour and diagrams to break it up. I can tell a lot of thought has gone into making this."

Amazon reviewer

Five-star reviews:

Amazing!!! "Without a shadow of a doubt the best psychiatry textbook out there!" Amazon reviewer

Organised, neat, and reader friendly. A pleasure to go through "Dr. Azam has compiled an incredibly useful list of all the psychiatric conditions one might be expected to know as a medical student. Within each category of psychiatric illness there is a useful breakdown of the diagnostic criteria, investigations, signs and symptoms, epidemiology and management. Also laced throughout the book are helpful mnemonics that enable the medical student to remember certain key features of diseases. Arguably, most of this information could be found on the internet but this book is very helpful in that it brings all that information together in one place for quick reference. This book coupled with the Oxford Handbook for Psychiatry is all I needed to comfortably pass my end of block exams.
I bought this product at full price and think that for the information found here it is well priced. As a medical student, I found this book invaluable for my Psychiatric block. This could also be of interest to the keen lay man or the interested healthcare practitioner who wants to learn more about mental illnesses for their profession or leisure." Amazon reviewer

An exceptional psychiatry book "One of the best psychiatry books I have ever read. It is organised in a neat, concise manner with tables, colours, mnemonics, OSCE tips to name but a few. I highly recommend it. I found it exceptional and I would love to have in kindle format as well. It is very well put together. Excellent work!" Amazon reviewer

Clinical handbook "It has all the topics I need to know as a 3rd year student. Information is condensed and the OSCE tips look really useful." Amazon reviewer

Great help for international trainees "Simply amazing! I recommend it specially for international doctors, as you can find many examples and crucial questions. Enjoyable to read and presented in very helpful way."

Very friendly layout and nicely organised "Among the very few psychiatry books that are not 'text only'" Amazon reviewer

Textbook support in a new speciality "Good read for overview of area for anyone interested in psychiatry. Especially if that person is a new trainee" Amazon reviewer

Educative "Educative and thoughtful—important reading for medical professionals, a solid research and easy-to-follow advice about how to recognize all the symptoms and to prevent complications." Amazon reviewer

Five Stars "Great book for undergraduate psychiatry. Lots of useful mnemonics and colour coded to aid commit facts to memory." Amazon reviewer

AMAZING!! "Absolutely love this book! Well structured and covers most topics." Amazon reviewer

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