Principles Of Bioinorganic Chemistry

Stephen J. Lippard, Jeremy Berg

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: September 5, 1994

Pages: 450 pages

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A concepts-orientated introduction to bioinorganic chemistry covering topics including: properties of biological molecules; physical methods in bioinorganic chemistry; control and utilization of metal ion concentrations in cells, and electron transfer proteins.

l. Overview
2. Principles of Coordination Chemistry Related to Bioinorganic Research
3. Properties of Biological Molecules
4. Physical Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry
5. Choice, Uptake and Assembly of Metal Containing Units in Biology
6. Control and Utilization of Metal-Ion Concentrations in Cells
7. Metal Ion Folding and Cross-Linking of Biomolecules
8. Binding of Metal Ions and Complexes to Biomolecule-Active Centers
9. Electron-Transfer Proteins
10. Substrate Binding and Activation by Nonredox Mechanisms
11. Atom- and Group-Transfer Chemistry
12. Protein Tuning of Metal Properties to Achieve Specific Functions
13.The Frontiers of Bioinorganic Chemistry

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