Practical Procedures in General Practice, second edition

Suneeta Kochhar

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: April 28, 2021

Pages: 168 pages

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Practical Procedures in General Practice 2e is an updated guide for any GP looking to establish a minor surgery service, covering:

  • setting up a minor surgery clinic
  • accreditationnew
  • patient selection and assessment
  • basic operative procedures
  • diagnosis and management of skin lesionsnew
  • joint injections
  • long-term contraception, including LARCsnew
  • specialist procedures such as carpal tunnel decompression and non-scalpel vasectomy which may be undertaken by GPs with extended roles

If you are one of the many GPs looking to reduce referrals and provide a better service to your patients by developing a minor surgery DES, then Practical Procedures in General Practice will help.

Note from the publisher:
This book will help you to understand what is possible and to remind you how to do the procedures correctly. It is not a substitute for gaining relevant practical experience through expert supervision or at a specialist training course, such as one of those run by the RCGP.

1. Introduction to minor surgery
2. Operative procedures in minor surgery
3. Diagnosis and management of skin lesions
4. Joint injections
5. Steroid injections in the upper limb
6. Steroid injections in the lower limb
7. Long-acting reversible methods of contraception
8. Other procedures

Succinct, accessible for all levels of experience, great value for money
‘This book is a useful addition to any GP’s bookshelf. The chapter on diagnosis of skin lesions is succinct and gives a deeper understanding of dermatology cases in general practice. Those who carry out minor ops will enjoy the pictorial aids that underpin the explanation of these procedures. There is also chapters for those who do contraceptive implants/injections/coils, and joint injections. The joint injection chapter provides a useful aide-memoire on different approaches to each joint, what dose and type of of steroid to use and needle size.

In summary, this book is easy to read and can be used both as a quick reference guide, or as a learning tool for those setting out on the journey of learning practical procedures in general practice. Having read it once cover to cover, I now plan to have it sitting on my bookshelf at work so I can refer to it as and when I feel the need in the future. It’s versatility means it is brilliant value for money!' Amazon reviewer

Clear and concise reference for minor surgery
‘I am GPwSI in dermatology and having read this book I am very impressed with the clear and concise explanations. The use of images and flow diagrams makes for easy understanding and I would highly recommend it as a good starting point for people wanting a quick reference guide to minor surgery, or someone hoping to improve their minor surgical skills knowledge.' Amazon reviewer

Clear, concise & full of practical informative for day to day GP use
‘I found this book was very well written and presented, making it an easy and useful read. Diagrammatic illustrations alongside photos in the joint injection section are very helpful. I found the skin lesion section particularly helpful and of use if day to day practice.

A well presented and written read- would definitely recommend to any GP, especially those involved in practical procedures.' Amazon reviewer

Well written guide to practical procedures
‘Excellent book, just what I need in general practice' Amazon reviewer

A practical guide to practical procedures
‘As a GP registrar, I have found this book an invaluable source of information. The book is well illustrated and the pictures are all relevant. Everything is explained in a straightforward manner and I find it very easy to follow and understand. I feel this is an essential addition to my library and with it I will be able to develop my skills and understanding in minor surgery.' Amazon reviewer

Practical book
‘I'm a GP trainer and Principal in Sussex...I found this book very practical and useful not only for GPs who are interested in minor ops clinics but for day to day consultations and providing accurate information to my patients re planned procedures or injections.. I'm planning to set up future tutorials derived from this book and definitely will encourage my current and future Registrars to read this's well written and is paced at a level where all GPs would find it a useful resource.' Amazon reviewer

highly recommended book
‘great help for those who interested in minor surgery or plans to improve practical skills.
Very detailed description of procedures, good illustration, makes minor surgery easy for everybody who is motivated to start!' Amazon reviewer

Highly recommended
‘Excellent book for GPs not only useful for those who are interested in minor surgery but to use in day to day practice. Very useful for those who want to improve practical skills. Easy explanations, detailed description, good illustrations.' Amazon reviewer

Excellent buy.
‘A really useful reference for GPs providing minor surgery procedures, but also for GPs looking either to set up an enhanced service, or to expand their existing one. Well written, great illustrations; highly recommended.' Amazon reviewer

A must buy for GPs
‘As a GP who is looking to enhance her skills, this has been an invaluable resource. The simple explanations, diagrams and accompanying photos make it very user friendly and easy to understand. I would recommend this book as a must buy for any GP who already carries out joint injections/minor surgery or wishes to learn these skills.' Amazon reviewer

"I would highly recommend this book to GP colleagues as well as GP trainees. It is well written, with broad coverage of its subject. The illustrations are excellent."

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