Physics: A Student Companion

Lowry Kirkby

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 6, 2011

Pages: 416 pages

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Physics: A Student Companion offers readers a thorough overview of basic physics with rapid access to fundamental concepts and their derivations. Covering the core fields of mechanics and relativity, electromagnetism, waves and optics, quantum mechanics, and thermal physics, this book is an essential learning tool for students, as well as a handy reference for graduates and researchers in the physical sciences.

  • The perfect companion to the mainstream physics textbooks, providing fast access to the essential material
  • Highlights and consolidates the key equations, derivations, theories and concepts that are the fundamentals of your physics course
  • Provides a structured outline of the core ideas, to be used alongside lecture notes and classes
  • Offers an ideal reference for graduates and researchers in the physical sciences
  • Informal style –  written by a recent student specifically for students 
  • Notes are used to highlight the major equations, show where they come from and how they can be used and applied
  • The aim is to consolidate understanding, not teach the basics from scratch

If you are looking for a better option than digging through college textbooks for that forgotten something, reviewing material for an examination, or preparing for graduate entry, then Physics:  A Student Companion is the right book for you.

From reviews:
“Every undergraduate physicist ought to own a copy of this remarkable, unique and innovative textbook… I truly believe this textbook should be taken advantage of by all undergraduates, and I wish it had been published earlier in my undergraduate degree.”
Student Review, Times Higher Education, May 2012

I  Newtonian Mechanics and Special Relativity
1 Linear motion
2 Practical applications of linear motion
3 Angular motion
4 Gravity and orbits
5 Two-body dynamics
6 Introduction to special relativity

II  Electromagnetism
7 Electrostatics
8 Magnetostatics
9 Introduction to circuit theory
10 Electromagnetic induction
11 Electromagnetic fields in matter
12 Electromagnetic waves

III  Waves and Optics
13 Wave motion
14 Geometrical optics
15 Wave optics

IV  Quantum Mechanics
16 Background to quantum mechanics
17 The Schrödinger equation
18 Quantum states, operators, and measurements
19 Spherical systems
20 Introduction to the hydrogen atom

V  Thermal Physics
21 Kinetic theory of ideal gases
22 Classical thermodynamics
23 Real gases and phase transitions
24 Statistical mechanics


"As companions go, this is an excellent one and it should become a best friend to all physics undergraduates, particularly in those important, lonely weeks of study in the run-up to examinations. I encourage all lecturers to recommend this book to their students."

Cern Courier

"Every undergraduate physicist ought to own a copy of this remarkable, unique and innovative textbook. "

Times Higher Education Supplement
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