Physical Chemistry

A Molecular Approach

Donald A. McQuarrie

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: August 19, 1997

Pages: 1270 pages

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As the first modern physical chemistry textbook to cover quantum mechanics before thermodynamics and kinetics, this book provides a contemporary approach to the study of physical chemistry. By beginning with quantum chemistry, students will learn the fundamental principles upon which all modern physical chemistry is built. The text includes a special set of “MathChapters” to review and summarize the mathematical tools required to master the material Thermodynamics is simultaneously taught from a bulk and microscopic viewpoint that enables the student to understand how bulk properties of materials are related to the properties of individual constituent molecules. This new text includes a variety of modern research topics in physical chemistry as well as hundreds of worked problems and examples.


1.The Dawn of Quantum Theory
Math Chapter A/Complex Numbers
2. The Classical Wave Equation
Math Chapter B/Probability and Statistics
3. The Schrodinger Equation and a Particle In a Box
Math Chapter C/ Vectors
4. Some Postulates and General Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Math Chapter D/ Spherical Coordinates
5. The Harmonic Oscillator and the Rigid Rotator: Two Spectroscopic Models
6. The Hydrogen Atom
Math Chapter E/ Determinants
7. Approximation Methods
8. Multielectron Atoms
9. The Chemical Bond: Diatomic Molecules
10. Bonding in Polyatomic Molecules
11. Computational Quantum Chemistry
Math Chapter F/ Matrices
12. Group Theory: The Exploitation of Symmetry
13. Molecular Spectroscopy
14. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
15. Lasers, Laser Spectroscopy, and Photochemistry
Math Chapter G/Numerical Methods
16. The Properties of Gases
Math Chapter H/Partial Derivatives
17. The Boltzmann Factor and Partition Functions
Math Chapter I/Series and Limits
18. Partition Functions and Ideal Gases
19. The First Law of Thermodynamics
Math Chapter J/ The Binomial Distribution and Stirling's Approximation
20. Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
21. Entropy and the Third Law of Thermodynamics
22. Helmholtz and Gibbs Energies
23. Phase Equilibria
24. Solutions I: Liquid-Liquid Solutions
25. Solutions II: Solid-Liquid Solutions
26. Chemical Equilibria
27. The Kinetic Theory of Gases
28. Chemical Kinetics I: Rate Laws
29. Chemical Kinetics II: Reaction Mechanisms
30. Gas-Phase Reaction Dynamics
31. Solids and Surface Chemistry
-Answers to Numerical Problems

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