PCR: Methods Express

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: April 30, 2007

Pages: 348 pages

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PCR is the most widely used technique in molecular biology. New PCR variants offering substantial benefits to existing protocols appear on a frequent basis. PCR: Methods Express describes the very latest PCR-based methodologies and approaches to provide the most up-to-date practical advice on how to tackle a broad range of biological problems including:

*real time qRT-PCR
*rapid generation of gene targeting constructs
*PCR multiplexes
*PCR-based mutagenesis
*identification of microdeletions and microduplications

*DNA methylation analysis
*forensic genetic DNA typing
*identification of mutations in single cells
*whole genome amplification
*diagnosis of infectious diseases
*inverse PCR-based RFLP

This book is a comprehensive research guide; every chapter discusses the merits and limitations of the available approaches and then provides fully-proven protocols with hints and tips for success. PCR: Methods Express is an essential laboratory manual for researchers in all life science fields and at all levels, from postgraduate student to principal investigator.

1. An introduction to the polymerase chain reaction (Adrian Moody)
2. Polymerases for PCR (Meg Martel, Simon Baker, Ian Kavanagh and Simon May)
3. A detailed guide to quantitative RT-PCR (Pete Kaiser)
4. Use of quantitative PCR for the detection of genomic microdeletions or microduplications (Simon Hughes, Rosanna Weksberg, Laura Moldovan and Jeremy A. Squire)
5. Robust and unique PCR for single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping applications (Xiangning Chen)
6. Using PCR and linkage mapping to identify single genes and quantitative trait loci for livestock traits (Jill Maddox, Imke Tammen and Sonja Dominik)
7. PCR restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis for genotyping of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (Simon Hughes)
8. Forensic genetic DNA typing with PCR-based methods (Claus Borsting, Juan J. Sanchez and Niels Morling)
9. Large PCR multiplexes with special reference to forensic single-nucleotide polymorphism typing (Juan J. Sanchez, Claus Borsting and Niels Morling)
10. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of monogenic disease: PCR-based methods for the identification of mutations in single cells (Dagan Wells)
11. Rapid generation of gene-targeting constructs (Trevor J. Wilson, Dirk Truman, Antonietta Giudice and Paul Hertzog)
12. Construction of long DNA molecules from multiple fragments using PCR (Nikolai A. Shevchuk and Anton V. Bryksin)
13. Efficient PCR-based mutagenesis method applicable to diverse mutagenesis strategies using type IIs restriction enzyme (Jae-Kyun Ko and Jianjie Ma)
14. Inverse PCR-based restriction fragment length polymorphism for identifying low-level mutations in tumors (G.Mike Makrigiorgos)
15. PCR methods for infectious disease diagnosis (Padmini Ramachandran, Andrew Hardick, Charlotte Gaydos, Samuel Young and Richard Rothman)
16. Use of PCR for DNA methylation analysis (Mario F.Fraga and Manel Esteller)
17. PCR-based methods to determine DNA methylation status at specific CpG sites using methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes (Helmtrud I. Roach and Ko Hashimoto)
18. PCR-based whole genome amplification (Nona Arneson, Simon Hughes, Richard Houlston and Susan Done)
19. PCR sequencing of human genes for the discovery of DNA sequence variants (Abizar Lakdawalla)
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