Organotransition Metal Chemistry

From Bonding to Catalysis

John F. Hartwig

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: February 10, 2010

Pages: 1160 pages

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Organotransition Metal Chemistry – From Bonding to Catalysis provides a selective, but thorough and authoritative coverage of the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry, the elementary reactions of these complexes, and many catalytic processes occurring through organometallic intermediates. Built upon the foundation established by the classic text by Collman, Hegedus, Norton and Finke, this text consists of new or thoroughly updated and restructured chapters and provides an in-depth view into mechanism, reaction scope, and applications. 

The early chapters describe the principles of bonding and the classes of ligands that characterize organotransition metal chemistry. The remainder of the book focuses on the reactions of organometallic complexes. The second portion of the book describes the classic stoichiometric organometallic reactions, including ligand substitution, oxidative addition, reductive elimination, migratory insertions, eliminations, electrophilic attack on coordinated ligands, nucleophilic attack on coordinated ligands, and chemistry of metal-ligand multiple bonds. The third portion of the text describes the principles of catalysis and the classic catalytic processes of organometallic systems. Written by a teacher and experienced practitioner of the field, the book’s content is simultaneously accessible to students with no background in the subject matter and invaluable to synthetic organic chemists, inorganic chemists, and even experts in the field.

1. Structure and Bonding
2. Dative Ligands
3. Covalent Ligands  Bound Through Metal-Carbon and Metal-Hydride Bonds
4. Covalent Ligands Bound Through Metal-Heteroatom Bonds
5. Ligand Substitution Reactions
6. Oxidative Addition of Non-Polar Reagents
7. Oxidative Addition of Polar Reagents
8. Reductive Elimination
9. Migratory Insertion
10. Elimination Reactions
11. Nucleophilic Attack on Coordinated Ligands
12. Electrophilic Attack on Coordinated Ligands
13. Metal-Ligand Multiple Bonds
14. Principles of Catalysis
15. Homogenous Hydrogenation
16. Hydrofunctionalization and Oxidative Functionalization of Olefins
17. Catalytic Carbonylation
18. Catalytic C-H Functionalization
19. Cross Coupling
20. Allylic Substitution
21. Catalytic Metathesis of Olefins and Alkynes
22. Olefin Polymerization

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