Naturally Dangerous

Surprising facts about food, health, and the environment

James P. Collman

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: September 20, 2001

Pages: 280 pages

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Full of surprising anecdotes, curious facts and historical oddities, this remarkable little book connects observations from our everyday lives to the scientific principles that explain them. You will find information on organic produce, irradiated foods, trans fat and fat substitutes, natural herbs, designer drugs, smallpox, Mad Cow Disease, Prions, Anthrax, cancer, DNA testing, global warming, acid rain, aphrodisiacs, pheromones, and much more. Chances are if there is something you were wondering about, you will find it covered here. Should you be eating margarine? Are cell phones safe?  Read on!
The author has avoided scientific jargon and mathematics to make this book of interest to nonscientists and scientists alike.

Overture – Is Anything Safe?
Chapter 1: Chemicals Lurking in Your Grocery Store
Chapter 2: The Pharmacy
Chapter 3: Is "Health Food Store" An Oxymoron?
Chapter 4: Infectious Agents: Are Microorganisms All Bad?
Chapter 5: Cancer and the Environment
Chapter 6: Nature is Elemental
Chapter 7: Natural and Unnatural Molecules in the Environment
Chapter 8: Is the Sky Falling?
Chapter 9: Dust, Magnets, and Scuba Diving
Chapter 10: We Are All Radioactive!
Finale – There Is No Free Lunch!
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