Molecular Physical Chemistry for Engineers

John T. Yates Jr, J. Karl Johnson

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: August 30, 2007

Pages: 480 pages

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Offering a distinct emphasis on the behavior of matter from the molecular viewpoint, this book is designed for a one-semester undergraduate course on physical chemistry for engineers and materials scientists. After a brief introductory review of the basic thermodynamic foundations, the book covers three core areas of physical chemistry – quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics, and kinetics.  A final chapter provides case histories that use molecular modeling to solve engineering problems. The book includes a broad range of exercises throughout, and an Instructor’s Manual is available for adopting professors.


  • A detailed Instructors’ Manual is available for adopting professors.
  • Art from the book may be downloaded by adopting professors.

1. Brief Review of Some Elementary Thermodynamics – The Thermodynamic Functions
2. Quantum Theory – Historical Development
3. The Schrodinger Equation
4. Application of Quantum Theory to the Energetics of Electrons, Atoms, and Molecules
5. Statistical Mechanics – Fundamental Ideas and Applications
6. The Kinetic Theory of Gases
7. Chemical Kinetics and the Rates of Chemical Reactions in Gases and on Surfaces
8. Engineering Applications of Molecular Modeling

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