Molecular Origami

Precision scale models from paper

Robert M. Hanson

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Format: Book

Publication date: May 21, 1995

Pages: 255 pages

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This is a fun, hands-on guide to understanding the basic structure and chemistry of matter. Drawing on the Japanese art of paperfolding, the book provides rip-out patterns for 124 molecules, along with easy instructions for folding them into scale models, many of which are three-dimensional. The molecules progress from simple ones like methane to more exotic structures such as quartz and buckminsterfullerenes. Questions and discussions are included.

Part 1: Basic Shapes, Basic Ideas
Part 2: Advanced Shapes
Part 3: Beyond Octahedra
Part 4: More Complex Molecules and Ions
Part 5: Network Solids
Part 6: One- and Two-Dimensional Shapes
Discussion of Questions in Part 1
Sources and Methods

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