Mastering Medical Exams

A systems-based approach

Paul McNamara

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: April 22, 2020

Pages: 312 pages

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Systems-based practice exams based on past papers.

Working through past papers is an essential part of exam preparation and practice questions such as the ones in this book are a vital resource for medical school success.

The questions represent common, universal medical themes and practising them in a question and answer style will bolster your learning of key facts and help you to remember them for exams and ultimately clinical practice. The book takes a systems-based approach, with answers presented in a way that will consolidate your knowledge: they are succinct and to the point.

The practice papers in this book have been written to help you ace your exams by testing your knowledge, improving your exam technique, and working on your time management!

Cardiovascular cases; Answers
Respiratory cases; Answers
Gastroenterology cases; Answers
Renal and genitourinary cases; Answers
Endocrinology cases; Answers
Neurology cases; Answers
Rheumatology cases; Answers
Dermatology cases; Answers
Obstetrics and gynaecology cases; Answers
Paediatric cases; Answers
Psychiatry cases; Answers
Practice paper; Answers

'This book is great for medical students at all stages of their degree!! I will be recommending this to all my medical school class mates!' Amazon reviewer

A very helpful revision resource
'I've been using this book for my third year medical school exam revision and I think the content is very appropriate to what I am expected to know' Amazon reviewer

Amazing book
'Can’t wait to start working through this book, it covers so many topics case by case which is so useful.' Amazon reviewer

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