Laser Experiments For Beginners

Richard N. Zare

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: May 3, 1995

Pages: 256 pages

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The perfect blueprint for science teachers who want to bring one of the most remarkable research tools of the 20th century into their classrooms: the laser. Requiring only a low-cost, low-power laser (easily available for under $100) the book presents a series of experiments for in-class demonstrations or student activities. Quick-reference instructions identify needed equipment, recommend safety practices, and help select desired experiments. The book is designed to enhance existing courses in chemistry, physics, and biology.

Introduction: Choosing an Experiment
l. Equipment, Safety, and Disposal
2. Light Scattering from Disordered Systems
3. Diffraction: Light Scattering from Ordered Systems
4. Refraction of Light
5. The Electronic Structure of Matter
6. Photochemistry
Appendix: Chemical Safety

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