Healthcare Economics Made Easy, third edition

Daniel Jackson

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: June 18, 2021

Pages: 148 pages

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Healthcare Economics Made Easy, third edition is a clear and concise text written for those working in healthcare who need to understand the basics of the subject but who do not want to wade through a specialist health economics text. It will equip the reader with the necessary skills to make valid decisions based on the economic data and with the background knowledge to understand the health economics literature.

This new edition builds on the success of the second edition by updating the material on the NICE appraisal process and including new sections on health technology assessment in the USA and the key role of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review.

This book provides insight into the economic methods that are used to promote public health policies, the techniques used for grading and valuing evidence and the statistics relied upon, without trying to re-train the reader as a health economist.

If you are left bemused by terms such as QALY, health utility analysis and cost-minimization analysis, then this is the book for you!

Second edition Highly Commended in the BMA Medical Book Awards!
Here’s what the judges said: “This is one of the few textbooks I would suggest every clinician reads.”

Preface to the third edition; Acknowledgements

1 Health economics

2 Thinking like an economist

3 Cost minimization analysis

4 Cost-effectiveness analysis

5 What do we mean when we say 'value'?

6 Quality of life

7 Health utilities

8 The infamous quality-adjusted life year (QALY)

9 Cost utility analysis

10 Evidence-based medicine

11 Critical appraisal

12 Systematic reviews and meta-analyses

13 Health technology assessment and the UK's approach

14 Health technology assessment – an international comparison

15 Health technology assessment in the USA

16 Health technology assessment in the USA – The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER)

17 Health technology assessment and medical devices

Glossary; Index

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