Genes And Genomes

Maxine Singer, Paul Berg

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: February 28, 1991

Pages: 929 pages

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An in-depth overview of the molecular structures and mechanisms that underlie the utilization of genetic information by complex organisms. This excellent text emphasizes the experimental aspects of molecular genetics and is the first text to offer a complete introduction to both principles and methods.

Part 1: Review of the field of classical and molecular genetics from the beginning of this century to the early 1970s
Part II: Examines the logic, concepts, and general practices of gene cloning and the characterization and manipulation of DNA
Part III: Examines the structure of eukaryotic genes and our present understanding of their expression
Part IV: Introduces the companion Volume II, Exploring Genetic Mechanisms, a sampling of
"case studies" of genetic systems that have been especially illuminated by the recombinant DNA approach.

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