Eureka: Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and Reasoning

Ben Lovell, Mark Lander, Nick Murch

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: April 19, 2020

Pages: 436 pages

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How to undertake key clinical tests, make effective diagnoses and develop logical clinical reasoning.

Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and Reasoning provides detailed coverage of the history and examination of all major body systems. It will be an essential resource as you start on the wards.

Key features:

  • an engaging and authoritative style – with everything you need in one place
  • realistic clinical cases – these show how skilled clinicians work through a presentation, and put disease and biomedical principles into context
  • extensive range of photographs – superb clinical photos show exactly how to undertake a broad range of examinations and tests
  • starter questions – stimulating questions and answers to test your knowledge and highlight the level of detail you need
  • study boxes – these highlight tips, tricks and key learning points

Designed to take you from the lecture theatre to the ward – from anatomy and physiology to typical clinical cases and how they are assessed.

By fully integrating basic science and clinical medicine, Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and Reasoning will equip you with the core knowledge and skills you will need for exams and placements!


1 Consultation and communication skills
2 Clinical reasoning
3 The general examination
4 Cardiovascular system
5 Respiratory system
6 Gastrointestinal system
7 Genitourinary system
8 Female reproductive system
9 Nervous system
10 Cranial nerves and ophthalmology
11 Musculoskeletal system
12 Psychiatry
13 Endocrine system
14 Paediatrics
15 Critically ill patients
16 Special circumstances
Appendix: Figure acknowledgements

Professional, considered, fresh approach to clinical diagnostics, reasoning and patient care.
'This excellent book is easy to read, process, understand and action. It's great for learning, for revision and general quick referencing. It enables you to ask the appropriate, vital questions in treating the patient, not simply the condition, taking you logically through the thought processes, based on essential guided history taking.' Amazon reviewer

Excellent resource for ACPs
'As a trainee ACP this is my new best friend. The only way I will put it down is if i am surgically removed from it.' Amazon reviewer

A new bible for the modern healthcare professional!!
'So, I got the Eureka: Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and Reasoning book today in the post. Some classic clinical pearls and very much evidenced based medicine. This book not only gives you the knowledge, but it seems to have a different approach than other books I have read. Reasoning and formulating treatment plans in healthcare is definitely not missing in this book. Excellent work, highly recommended.' Amazon reviewer

Does exactly what it says on the tin
'Great book for learning how to take patient's history, perform clinical examinations and make reasoned judgements. It explains why to do them, and what differential diagnosis we should consider. Overall, a really good book, highly recommended.' Amazon reviewer

Must have book
'This has quickly become my new bible. As an aspiring ANP/ENP this book is invaluable. Filled with practical, helpful tips. Clear layout and excellent pictures for visual learning. Breaks down each body system brilliantly without any excessive or unnecessary text. Transition into advanced practice will undoubtably be made a little easier with books like this one. Highly recommended.' Amazon reviewer

A modern and realistic approach to medicine
'This book is a great tool for anybody in the field of patient assessment who wishes to make effective diagnoses and develop their logical clinical reasoning. As a paramedic, I have found the book to be a great resource in my pre-hospital assessment as it incorporates realistic clinical cases, something a lot of other medical textbooks lack.' Amazon reviewer

Perfect Compendium
'Put together not just by experts in their field, but by incredible educators, and it shows. The perfect compendium for a variety of professional backgrounds and career stages.' Amazon reviewer

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