ENT Made Easy

Linda MacConnell, Amtul Salam Sami

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: May 29, 2019

Pages: 178 pages

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ENT Made Easy is the ideal clinical text for family physicians, physician assistants, ENT trainees, medical students, and other healthcare professionals looking to manage common ENT conditions.

Diseases of the ears, nose and throat are among the most common presentations in primary care, and many patients are referred to ENT clinics in secondary care for further medical and surgical management.

To help reduce these referrals this book guides readers through the basic anatomy and pathophysiology and then, for each presentation, provides:

  • an introduction which describes possible causes and the history required
  • a section on diagnosis, including which examinations and investigations to consider
  • management options, complications to look out for, and when to refer.

This book offers concise, practical guidance and so helps to fill the gap between ENT theory and the actual work experience.
In addition to covering the common presentations, from allergic rhinitis to vertigo, via dysphagia and halitosis, the book also provides a description of the main investigations and covers the particular problems occurring in pediatric cases.

Publisher’s note: this version of ENT Made Easy is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Amtul Salam Sami (ISBN 9781911510055) and is specifically intended for the US market. Not available in the UK/Europe.

Chapter 1 Clinical assessment
1.1 How to take a focused history of the ear, nose, and throat
1.2 How to perform a clinical examination of the ear, nose, and throat
1.3 Investigations in ENT
1.4 ENT tests performed during the clinical examination
1.5 Specialist tests
1.6 Vestibular function tests
1.7 Other investigations used in ENT

Chapter 2 Ear
2.1 Basic anatomy of the ear
2.2 Differential diagnosis of ear problems
2.3 Deafness and hearing loss
2.4 Sudden hearing loss
2.5 Wax
2.6 Otitis externa
2.7 Otitis media
2.8 Cholesteatoma
2.9 Perforation of the tympanic membrane
2.10 Otosclerosis
2.11 Acoustic neuroma
2.12 The draining ear
2.13 Earache
2.14 Vertigo and dizziness
2.15 Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
2.16 Labyrinthitis
2.17 Ménière's disease
2.18 Tinnitus
2.19 Presbycusis
2.20 Facial paralysis
2.21 Foreign body in the ear
2.22 Furuncle in the ear

Chapter 3 Nose
3.1 Basic anatomy of the nose and sinuses
3.2 Differential diagnosis of nose problems
3.3 Rhinitis
3.4 Epistaxis
3.5 Sinusitis
3.6 Fractures of the nasal bone
3.7 Anosmia
3.8 Foreign body in the nose
3.9 Furuncle in the nose
3.10 Perforation of the nasal septum
3.11 Sleep apnea

Chapter 4 Throat
4.1 Basic anatomy of the throat
4.2 Differential diagnosis of throat problems
4.3 Dysphagia
4.4 Tonsillitis
4.5 Peritonsillar abscess
4.6 Pharyngitis
4.7 A change in voice
4.8 Laryngitis
4.9 Stridor
4.10 Acute epiglottitis
4.11 Aphthous ulcer
4.12 Salivary gland stones
4.13 Foreign body in the throat
4.14 Halitosis
4.15 Neck mass

Chapter 5 Pediatric ENT
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Guide to ENT issues covered elsewhere
5.3 Pediatric history taking
5.4 Rhinitis
5.5 Sinusitis
5.6 Epistaxis
5.7 Nasal trauma
5.8 Obstructive sleep apnea
5.9 Adenoiditis
5.10 Cystic fibrosis
5.11 Hearing loss and deafness
5.12 Acute otitis media
5.13 Tinnitus
5.14 Vertigo
5.15 Laryngeal papillomatosis

Chapter 6 Systemic disease affecting ears, nose, and throat
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Skin disorders
6.3 Eye diseases
6.4 Nervous system and neurological diseases
6.5 Endocrine diseases
6.6 Congenital disorders
6.7 Vascular disease
6.8 Maxillofacial diseases
6.9 Bone and joint pathology
6.10 Gastroenterology
6.11 Medication

Chapter 7 Key operations in ENT

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