Earth From Above

Using color-coded satellite images to examine the global environment

Claire Parkinson

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: July 29, 1997

Pages: 192 pages

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Earth from Above provides an easy introduction to understanding and interpreting satellite images, using illustrative examples to instruct on the fantastically informative new global data sets. Beginning with two short chapters on visible satellite images and radiation, the book then covers six key Earth–atmosphere variables on such environmentally important topics as the Antarctic ozone hole, El Nino, deforestation, the missing carbon dilemma, and the effects of sea ice, snow cover, and volcanoes on atmospheric temperatures. A final chapter broadens the discussion to consider satellite Earth observations in general.

The book is heavily illustrated, including photographs, maps, schematic diagrams, and 50 color-coded satellite images. Each section concludes with a list of questions encouraging the reader to review the text and, in the case of sections with satellite image, to examine the images and find answers from them. Answers to all questions are provided at the back of the book.

1. Introduction: Visible Images from Space
2. Radiation
3. Atmospheric Ozone and the Antarctic Ozone Hole
4. Polar Sea Ice
5. Continental Snow Cover
6. Sea Surface Temperatures and the El Nino
7. Land Vegetation
8. Volcanoes
9. Conclusions: Strength and Limitations of the Satellite Data

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