Clinical Integration: Surgery

Samuel Chee, Manda Raz, Asiri Arachchi

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: August 24, 2021

Pages: 470 pages

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Surgical cases explained! ideal for Problem-Based Learning courses

Clinical Integration: Surgery helps medical students and junior doctors link basic medical science with clinical context and build an appreciation of how pathophysiology manifests as recognisable clues.

The book shows readers the logical connections between patient history, examination findings, investigation results, management rationale and their underlying mechanisms. Readers learn to understand the “why and how” behind the diagnosis, investigation and management of common clinical problems.

The book takes a system-based approach to cover common surgical cases, from aortic stenosis to varicose veins, via diverticulitis and pressure ulcers.

Every case uses a consistent format to:

  • highlight the key elements of the history, examination and investigations
  • ­offer a guide to management options
  • ­provide rapid access to important facts

Chapter 1 Cardiothoracic surgery
Case 1 Aortic stenosis
Case 2 Infective endocarditis
Case 3 Ischaemic heart disease
Case 4 Lung cancer
Case 5 Mediastinal mass
Case 6 Mitral regurgitation
Case 7 Pleural empyema
Case 8 Spontaneous pneumothorax
Case 9 Thoracic trauma
Case 10 Type A aortic dissection

Chapter 2 ENT surgery
Case 11 Acoustic neuroma
Case 12 Acute bacterial parotitis
Case 13 Acute otitis media
Case 14 Acute rhinosinusitis
Case 15 Epistaxis
Case 16 Foreign body
Case 17 Oropharyngeal cancer
Case 18 Peritonsillar abscess
Case 19 Retropharyngeal abscess
Case 20 Thyroid cancer

Chapter 3 General surgery
Case 21 Abdominal trauma
Case 22 Acute cholecystitis
Case 23 Acute pancreatitis
Case 24 Diverticulitis
Case 25 Groin hernia
Case 26 Large bowel obstruction
Case 27 Perianal abscess
Case 28 PR bleeding
Case 29 Sigmoid volvulus
Case 30 Small bowel obstruction

Chapter 4 Neurosurgery
Case 31 Cauda equina syndrome
Case 32 Cervical myelopathy
Case 33 CNS tumour
Case 34 Extradural haemorrhage
Case 35 Hydrocephalus
Case 36 Lumbar myelopathy/radiculopathy
Case 37 Pituitary apoplexy
Case 38 Subarachnoid haemorrhage
Case 39 Subdural haematoma
Case 40 Traumatic spinal cord injury

Chapter 5 Orthopaedic surgery
Case 41 Ankle injury
Case 42 Anterior cruciate ligament injury
Case 43 Colles’ fracture
Case 44 Monoarticular arthropathy
Case 45 Neck of femur fracture
Case 46 Neck trauma
Case 47 Open fracture
Case 48 Osteoarthritis and total hip replacement
Case 49 Osteosarcoma
Case 50 Rotator cuff injury

Chapter 6 Paediatric surgery
Case 51 Appendicitis
Case 52 Hirschsprung disease
Case 53 Hypospadias
Case 54 Inguinal hernias
Case 55 Intestinal malrotation with volvulus
Case 56 Intussusception
Case 57 Necrotising enterocolitis
Case 58 Neonatal bowel atresias
Case 59 Ovarian torsion
Case 60 Pyloric stenosis

Chapter 7 Plastic surgery
Case 61 Breast lump and lymphoedema
Case 62 Burns in a child and non-accidental injury
Case 63 Carpal tunnel syndrome
Case 64 Cleft lip and palate
Case 65 Electrical burns in an adults
Case 66 Hand contractures and trigger finger
Case 67 Hand injuries and digit amputation
Case 68 Pressure ulcers
Case 69 The purple spot
Case 70 The skin lesion

Chapter 8 Urology
Case 71 Fournier’s gangrene
Case 72 Haematuria
Case 73 Prostate cancer
Case 74 Pyelonephritis
Case 75 Renal cancer
Case 76 Renal colic
Case 77 Renal trauma
Case 78 Testicular cancer
Case 79 Testicular torsion
Case 80 Urinary retention

Chapter 9 Vascular surgery
Case 81 Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Case 82 Acute limb ischaemia
Case 83 Carotid artery disease
Case 84 Chronic limb ischaemia
Case 85 Chronic venous insufficiency
Case 86 Deep venous thrombosis
Case 87 Diabetic foot
Case 88 Lymphoedema
Case 89 Type B aortic dissection
Case 90 Varicose veins

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