Clinical Endocrinology

Saffron Whitehead, John Miell

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: October 7, 2012

Pages: 480 pages

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Whether you are a student of biomedicine or medicine, trainee, resident, or endocrinology fellow, Clinical Endocrinology provides you with the core information you need to understand this notoriously complex subject.

The book describes the biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy that underpin clinical practice and then integrates genuine clinical cases to show the application of this basic science in diagnosis and treatment.

Key features include:

  • a flowing narrative that leads you through the basic science
  • boxes that provide core reference information
  • advanced boxes that provide additional material suitable for residents and fellows
  • case studies that link with the text and describe the presentation, diagnosis, and management of real patients
  • further clinical material that builds on the basic science and describes the causes of endocrine disorders, their clinical features, and treatment options
  • coverage of the latest advances and discoveries
  • self-assessment questions to test understanding

The book is lavishly illustrated throughout with line drawings and clinical photographs.

The authors, one a scientist and the other a clinician, guide you through the complexities of physiology and biochemistry so that you can understand the nature and management of endocrine pathologies. At all times they relate basic science to clinical medicine in a clear and lucid style that is both practical and clinically relevant.

From reviews:
Clinical Endocrinology is very well written and beautifully illustrated.”
Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology, January 2013

“All in all this is an excellent, essential textbook which does the job admirably in terms of synthesising the essence of human physiology and excreting a patient-centred approach to addressing the clinical manifestations of endocrine hypo- and hyper-function.”
The Endocrinologist, December 2013

“This book would appeal particularly to medical students or endocrinologists in training… [It] provides a useful review of endocrinology in a comprehensive manner starting from basic science principles and ending with clinical applications.”
Doody’s Notes, May 2013

About the authors:
Professor Saffron Whitehead is Professor of Endocrine Physiology at St George’s Medical School, University of London
Dr John Miell is a Consultant Endocrinologist at University Hospital Lewisham, London

1. Principles of endocrinology and diagnosis of endocrine disorders
2. The pituitary gland
3. The thyroid gland
4. Endocrine control of calcium and phosphate
5. The endocrine pancreas
6. The adrenal glands
7. The gonads
8. Endocrinology beyond the ‘classical’ endocrine glands
Appendix 1 Answers to self-assessment questions
Appendix 2 Reference ranges in endocrinology

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