Cellular Pathology, third edition

An Introduction to Techniques and Applications

D.J. Cook, P.J. Warren

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: February 23, 2015

Pages: 464 pages

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This third edition of the popular Cellular Pathology textbook provides a thorough coverage of all the key areas of histological and cytological techniques.

It is written for students studying courses in biomedical sciences, healthcare science or other subjects allied to medicine. The book provides essential information on those techniques that have particular relevance to both the diagnosis of disease and also for research in pathology.

This 3rd edition has been thoroughly updated and extended to:

  • include changes in established practice
  • accommodate newly emerging techniques such as in molecular diagnostics
  • provide an introduction to the latest immunological methods, microscopy techniques, image analysis systems and approaches in liquid-based cytology
  • show all images in full colour.

Additionally, the general principles of pathology are given a more rigorous treatment and the approach to good laboratory practice has been expanded.

This edition continues to feature learning objectives, revision notes, recommended further reading and self-evaluation questions, all of which really help the student to understand the subject. The book further benefits from an increased number of photographs that illustrate typical results and techniques – all in full colour.

Cellular Pathology 3e reflects the current requirements of cellular pathology teaching and practice and provides essential reading for any course that relates to cellular pathology, histology and histopathology.

1. The study of tissues and their diseases
2. General pathology
3. Fixation and fixatives
4. Processing and microtomy
5. Other embedding techniques
6. Cryotechniques
7. Staining theory
8. Histochemistry: general considerations and the histochemistry of carbohydrates and lipids
9. Histochemistry of nucleic acids, proteins and enzymes
10. Histochemistry of pigments, neuroendocrine amines and minerals
11. Infective agents and amyloid
12. Immunological techniques
13. Gynaecological cytopathology
14. Non-gynaecological cytopathology
15. Cytogenetics
16. Molecular biology and autoradiography
17. Light microscopy
18. Digital microscopy
19. Electron microscopy
20. Some aspects of the organization of histology laboratories

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