Catch Up Online 4e

for the Life and Medical Sciences

Mitch Fry, Philip Bradley, Jane Calvert, Elizabeth Page, Michael Harris

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: June 7, 2022

Pages: 604 pages

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Catch up Online is an interactive resource containing all of the three existing Catch Up books: Biology, Chemistry and Maths & Stats. It provides over 600 pages of background material essential for any student studying courses in the biological and biomedical sciences.

It provides a unique bridge between school and university courses and offers invaluable support for the fundamental concepts covered during first year university modules. It is a well-know and respected resource and is widely used at universities across the UK.

Catch Up Online is a unique combination: course book, revision guide, and reference source – it will help first year students in biology, biomedical siences and associated subjects get to grips with their studies.

This ebook edition is available as a library purchase only.

Catch Up Biology

The molecules of life
Water and life; Proteins; Carbohydrates; Lipids; Nucleic acids and genes

Cells and tissues
The cell; Microorganisms; Energy metabolism; Membrane transport; Cell division and mitosis; Reproduction; Inheritance; Genetic disease; Epithelial tissues; Connective tissues; Excitable tissues

Homeostasis; The endocrine system; The nervous system; The cardiovascular system; The respiratory system; The digestive system; The reproductive system; The urinary system; The immune system; The musculoskeletal system

Catch Up Chemistry

1. Elements, atoms and electrons

2. Bonding, electrons and molecules

3. Interactions between molecules

4. Counting molecules

5. Carbon: the basis of biological life

6. The same molecule but a different shape

7. Water: the solvent of life

8. Reacting molecules and energy

9. Reacting molecules and kinetics

10. Energy and life

11. Reactivity of biological molecules

Catch Up Maths and Stats

Mathematics section

Handling numbers; Working with fractions; Percentages; Powers; Circles and spheres; Approximation and errors; Introduction to graphs; The gradient of a graph; Algebra; Polynomials; Algebraic equations; Quadratic equations; Simultaneous equations; Sequences and series of numbers; Working with powers; Logarithms; Exponential growth and decay; Differential calculus; Further differential calculus; Integral calculus; Further integral calculus; Using graphs; Recognising patterns in graphs

Applications of mathematics section

SI units; Moles; pH; Buffers; Kinetics

Statistics section

The language of statistics; Describing data: measuring averages; Standard deviation; Checking for a normal distribution; Degrees of freedom; How to use statistics to make comparisons; The standard error of the mean; Confidence intervals; Probability; Significance and P values; Tests of significance; t tests; Analysis of variance; The chi-squared test; Correlation; Regression; Bayesian statistics

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