Catch Up Maths & Stats, second edition

For the Life and Medical Sciences

Michael Harris, Gordon Taylor, Jacquelyn Taylor

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: June 9, 2013

Pages: 240 pages

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Catch Up Maths & Stats covers the core maths skills you will need on any life or medical sciences course including:

  • working with fractions and powers
  • preparation of a dilution series
  • how to calculate standard deviation
  • using and understanding graphs
  • analysing enzyme kinetics
  • choosing the right statistical test

Over 200 examples are provided to show the relevance and application of maths and stats to your course. This second edition also now provides further coverage of differentiation and integration alongside nearly 70 more questions and answers to help you test your understanding.

Catch Up Maths & Statswill bring you up to speed in the shortest possible time, even if you didn’t study maths at advanced level.

Mathematics section

Handling numbers; Working with fractions; Percentages; Powers; Circles and spheres; Approximation and errors; Introduction to graphs; The gradient of a graph; Algebra; Polynomials; Algebraic equations; Quadratic equations; Simultaneous equations; Sequences and series of numbers; Working with powers; Logarithms; Exponential growth and decay; Differential calculus; Further differential calculus; Integral calculus; Further integral calculus; Using graphs; Recognising patterns in graphs

Applications of mathematics section

SI units; Moles; pH; Buffers; Kinetics

Statistics section

The language of statistics; Describing data: measuring averages; Standard deviation; Checking for a normal distribution; Degrees of freedom; How to use statistics to make comparisons; The standard error of the mean; Confidence intervals; Probability; Significance and P values; Tests of significance; t tests; Analysis of variance; The chi-squared test; Correlation; Regression; Bayesian statistics

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