A memoir of addiction

By Robyn Flemming

Jan 2022 , 314 pp
ISBN 9781914962028
Price: £11.99, $18.00
Jan 2022 , 314 pp
ISBN 9781914962035
Price: £9.59, $15.00
Who hasn’t sometimes wanted to change their life and start over?

When Robyn Flemming left Australia to wander the world as a nomadic freelance editor, she was single and nearing sixty. It wasn’t the first time she had shed an old skin for a new one in the hope of changing who she was on the inside.

Was her decision to risk everything yet again an act of faith or of folly? Was she running from the truth about her dependence on alcohol, or running towards a solution?

In this captivating recovery and travel memoir, Robyn finds the courage to change not only her surroundings but herself. Finally, she can be at home in her own skin as well as in the world.

Skinful is about the questions we ask at life’s turning points: Who am I? What life do I want to live?

This heart-warming, sometimes heart-wrenching, memoir sends a strong message of hope: it’s never too late to make a new path to a different future.

‘Brave and unflinching. An engrossing journey to hard-won redemption.’
Susan Johnson, author of From Where I Fell

‘A captivating true story of self-discovery.’
Peggi Cooney, author of This Side of Alcohol

‘Robyn Flemming writes of her life, her angst, her struggle with addiction, and it is her story. But within the questions, the reflections, the accounts of her struggle, is a mirror that the reader can’t help but see. [Skinful] is honest, poignant and real.’
Mary Murphy, The Budapest Times

‘A look at the world through the words of a strong woman, one who doesn’t disguise her impatience or her fury or her curiosity or her joy. Robyn Flemming describes her one precious, imperfect life in a manner familiar to readers of Educated (Tara Westover), The Liars’ Club (Mary Karr), Wild (Cheryl Strayed), and even – yes – the classic Eat Pray Love (Elizabeth Gilbert). Her raw memoir doesn’t spare herself and offers hope to others.’
Laura Kennelly, arts writer

Skinful tackles addiction head on: causes, consequences and re-connection with your one life. It’s also curious, quirky and, quite simply, one of a kind.’
Dorothy Simmons, author of Of Breath and Blood

Price: £11.99, $18.00

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Price: £9.59, $15.00

ISBNs: 9781914962028 978-1-914962-02-8 Title: skinful ISBNs: 9781914962035 978-1-914962-03-5 Title: skinful