Quick Draw Anatomy for Medical Students

By Joanna Oram Fox

Jan 2022 , 460 pp
ISBN 9781911510512
Price: £27.99, $41.99

Simple, step-by-step instructions on how to draw, learn and interpret the anatomy you need to know as a medical student.

More than a simple colouring book, this unique title shows you how to draw key anatomical structures. This active drawing process reinforces learning and aids understanding and retention.

An overview illustration and detailed explanation is followed by instructions to show you how to draw the anatomy yourself one simple step at a time – this methodical approach will help you remember what goes where!

Features hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations that are easy to copy and remember – you don’t have to be a brilliant artist, you just need some coloured pens and blank paper …

Chapters cover from head to toe, via the skin, cardiac anatomy and the respiratory system - everything you need is described.

“The easy, proven, way to actively learn anatomy"

1. Head, neck and neuro-anatomy
2. Vertebral column and the back
3. Cardiac anatomy
4. Airway and respiratory system
5. Abdomen
6. Pelvis and reproductive systems
7. Upper limb
8. Lower limb
9. Skin, immune system and breast

Price: £27.99, $41.99
ISBNs: 9781911510512 978-1-911510-51-2 Title: quick draw anatomy for medical students