Practical Procedures in General Practice, second edition

By Suneeta Kochhar

Apr 2021 , 168 pp
ISBN 9781911510796
Price: £26.99, $40.49
Practical Procedures in General Practice 2e is an updated guide for any GP looking to establish a minor surgery service, covering:
  • setting up a minor surgery clinic
  • accreditationnew
  • patient selection and assessment
  • basic operative procedures
  • diagnosis and management of skin lesionsnew
  • joint injections
  • long-term contraception, including LARCsnew
  • specialist procedures such as carpal tunnel decompression and non-scalpel vasectomy which may be undertaken by GPs with extended roles
If you are one of the many GPs looking to reduce referrals and provide a better service to your patients by developing a minor surgery DES, then Practical Procedures in General Practice will help.

Five-star reviews of the first edition
“Excellent beginner's guide for doing in-house minor surgery for GPs or doctors with a bit of surgical experience in their internship years.”
“I have found it very useful as it has well outlined steps to help carry out minor ops safely and covers quite a wide range of simple procedures commonly done in primary care. It also has illustrations and useful hints to avoid mistakes. In all, a must buy for any GP/GP trainee who wants that extra bit of guidance with practical procedures.”
“Excellent book for GPs not only useful for those who are interested in minor surgery but to use in day to day practice. Very useful for those who want to improve practical skills. Easy explanations, detailed description, good illustrations.”
“Very detailed description of procedures, good illustration, makes minor surgery easy for everybody who is motivated to start!”
“A really useful reference for GPs providing minor surgery procedures, but also for GPs looking either to set up an enhanced service, or to expand their existing one. Well written, great illustrations; highly recommended.”

Note from the publisher:
This book will help you to understand what is possible and to remind you how to do the procedures correctly. It is not a substitute for gaining relevant practical experience through expert supervision or at a specialist training course, such as one of those run by the RCGP.

1. Introduction to minor surgery
2. Operative procedures in minor surgery
3. Diagnosis and management of skin lesions
4. Joint injections
5. Steroid injections in the upper limb
6. Steroid injections in the lower limb
7. Long-acting reversible methods of contraception
8. Other procedures

Price: £26.99, $40.49

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