Clinical Skills

An introduction for nursing and healthcare

By Robin Richardson and Joanne Keeling

Aug 2021 , 300 pp
ISBN 9781908625205
Price: £24.99, $37.49
Jul 2021 , 300 pp
ISBN 9781908625212
Price: £21.24, $28.67

Clinical Skills: An introduction for nursing and healthcare is a comprehensive learning resource for student nurses.

Printed in full colour throughout, this textbook covers all the key clinical skills required for effective and efficient practice. The book maps the development of the student nurse in relation to clinical skill acquisition, focusing not only on the dexterity aspects, but also on the underpinning theory and the attitudinal aspects of skill delivery.

Using a scenario-based approach, this book relates skills to ‘real’ people and situations. In addition to providing step-by-step instruction on how to perform clinical skills, it asks the students to reflect and consider how these skills and related principles may be transferred to other situations and contexts. Above all, the authors are offering students a friendly, interactive and visual approach to skills acquisition.

Written by an experienced team of clinical skills educators and with input from students in universities throughout the UK, Clinical Skills provides students and lecturers with:
• up-to-date theory and evidence-based practice
• scenarios and case studies
• step-by-step clinical skills guidance
• activities to encourage reflection
• exercises for self-assessment and skills practice
• a glossary, references and further reading.

1. Introduction
2. Interpersonal skills
3. Infection control
4. Nursing assessment
5. Observations
6. Early warning scores – the detection of deterioration
7. Personal care
8. Specimen collection
9. Skin integrity, assessment and pressure area care
10. Moving and handling
11. Nutrition and fluid management
12. Bowel care, suppositories and enemas
13. Legal, ethical and professional aspects of medicines management
14. Administration and optimisation of medicines
15. Pain management
16. Catheterisation
17. Airway management and life support
18. Pre- and post-operative care
19. Venepuncture and cannulation
20. Blood transfusion
21. Transferring and discharging people
22. Caring for the dying person
Glossary; Index

Price: £24.99, $37.49
Price: £21.24, $28.67
ISBNs: 9781908625205 978-1-908625-20-5 Title: clinical skills ISBNs: 9781908625212 978-1-908625-21-2 Title: clinical skills