Medical Statistics Made Easy, fourth edition

By Michael Harris and Gordon Taylor

Sep 2020 , 140 pp
ISBN 9781911510635
Price: £18.99, $28.49
Sep 2020 , 140 pp
ISBN 9781911510734
Price: £16.14, $21.79
Contains all you need to know to understand statistics in medicine.

Medical Statistics Made Easy
has been a perennial bestseller since the first edition was published (it is consistently a #1 bestseller in medical statistics on Amazon).

It is recommended worldwide on a variety of courses and programmes, from undergraduate medicine, through to professional medical qualifications.

It is a book of key statistics principles for anyone studying or working in medicine and healthcare who needs a basic overview of the subject. It is ideal for non-statisticians who need to understand how statistics are used and applied in medicine and medical research.

Using a consistent format, the authors describe the most common statistical methods in turn and then rate them on how difficult they are to understand and how common they are. The worked examples that demonstrate the statistical method in action have been updated to include current articles from the medical literature and now feature a wider range of medical journals.

This fourth edition continues with the same structure as the previous editions, with new sections on cut-off points and ROC curves, as well as a new chapter on choosing the right statistical test. It also features a completely revised and updated 'Statistics at work' section.
Statistics which describe data: Percentages; Mean; Median; Mode; Standard deviation
Statistics which test confidence: Confidence intervals; P values
Statistics which test differences: t tests and other parametric tests; Mann–Whitney and other non-parametric tests; Chi-squared
Statistics which compare risk: Risk ratio; Odds ratio; Risk reduction and numbers needed to treat
Statistics which analyze relationships: Correlation; Regression
Statistics which analyze survival: Survival analysis: life tables and Kaplan–Meier plots; The Cox regression model
Statistics which analyze clinical investigations and screening: Sensitivity, specificity and predictive value; Level of agreement
Other concepts
Statistics at work: Means, standard deviations, medians and odds ratios; Confidence intervals and number needed to treat; Correlation and regression; Survival analysis; Sensitivity, specificity and predictive values; Choosing the right statistical test

Five-star reviews of the previous edition:
Well balanced and sufficient for medical trainees and doctors "Extremely easy to read and understand, just the right amount of info a doctor or a medical student needs to interpret a paper. Essential read if you have not done A-level mathematics." Amazon reviewer

Perfect for AKT revision "I was recommended this book for AKT revision. It has all the information needed and more... I found it easy to interpret and pitched at the right level even if you find medical statistics daunting." Amazon reviewer

Useful if reading lots of random medical papers "Excellent for a medical writer who deals with lots of random stats for a quick ad hoc refresher" Amazon reviewer

Brilliant "Excellent read with brilliant illustrations. I enjoyed. I would recommend this book for students who have difficulties with understanding statistical concepts in medicine as they are explained clearly" Amazon reviewer

Five Stars "Love the simple way things are explained" Amazon reviewer

Excellent book. Easy to understand "Highly recommend for doctors" Amazon reviewer

Helpful "Helpful book, breaks statistics down into more manageable and less daunting chunks, includes information on how important each point is and how often it is used in real life. I am using it to study for an exam and it is very helpful. The title doesn't lie!" Amazon reviewer

Excellent study guide for a "principle-of"-Med.-stats type of exams "Fantastic book for someone who just needs to learn about the application and principles. (Saved me on an exam ;) ). I love this book." Amazon reviewer

Easy read and understanding "Highly recommended" Amazon reviewer

Five Stars "For anyone that struggles with statistics, this is an absolute must." Amazon reviewer

Five Stars "Really helpful for AKT exam for my MRCGP. Concise and simplified!" Amazon reviewer

Easy to read "Gives the basics. Easy to flick through and find what you need. Great book" Amazon reviewer

Price: £18.99, $28.49

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Price: £16.14, $21.79

ISBNs: 9781911510635 978-1-911510-63-5 Title: medical statistics made easy fourth edition ISBNs: 9781911510734 978-1-911510-73-4 Title: medical statistics made easy fourth edition