The GP Consultation Reimagined

A tale of two houses

By Martin Brunet

Jun 2020 , 190 pp
ISBN 9781911510598
Price: £19.99, $29.99
Jun 2020 , 190 pp
ISBN 9781911510666
Price: £16.99, $22.94
A new and creative way of thinking about the consultation in primary care, for both trainees and practising GPs

The book features a unique Two Houses model to help the reader move away from completing a series of tasks to focusing on the two key objectives at the heart of every consultation:
  • Working out what matters (The House of Discovery)
  • Deciding with the patient what to do about it (The House of Decision)
Using the rich metaphors contained within these houses, the book explores common pitfalls that can beset those who are learning the craft of consulting in primary care, and encourages the reader to fill their toolbox with the skills needed to develop their own patient-centred consultation style. 

The GP Consultation Reimagined is based on the author's experience of teaching communication skills over 10 years as a GP Training Programme Director.

"This book will not teach you to improve your consultations. That is its great merit. Instead, it will encourage you to learn how to consult better." From the Foreword by Roger Neighbour

FREE Resources: Two Houses Guides

Click on the “Resources” tab above to access the free guides which accompany the book. These are a great aid for GPs looking to improve their consultation skills as well as for trainees preparing for the CSA exam. The use of the guides is discussed in detail in Chapter 16 of The GP Consultation Reimagined

The Guide to the guides on the “Resources” tab explains the layout of each Two Houses guide.

Each guide takes either a clinical topic, such as Managing the menopause , or a common scenario in general practice, for instance The angry patient. The guide presents a practical, working structure for the consultation that might follow in these situations, considering the consultation in the terms of the Two Houses model, with the aim of enhancing the confidence of the reader when faced with such a scenario and equipping them with tools for this particular consultation.

Further guides, as well as details of CSA courses based on the book, are available on the author’s website www.twohousesgp.com. More guides will be added over time and the author is keen to have suggestions for future scenarios to cover. He can be contacted on twitter @docmartin68

Foreword by Roger Neighbour; Preface; Acknowledgements; About the author
1. The GP consultation in the ICE age
2. Two Houses – a new model for the consultation
3. The GP toolbox
4. Entering the House of Discovery
5. Popping the bubble
6. Exploring the basement
7. Finding dry rot
8. Tending the garden
9. A house with two wings
10. The High Tech Room
11. Optional Rooms
12. Room 101
13. Empty Rooms, Hidden Rooms and Locked Rooms
14. Forecasting the future
15. Putting it into practice
16. The Two Houses guide to passing the CSA
17. Consulting in the 21st century

The following supplementary resources for The GP Consultation Reimagined are available to download for free.

Guide to the Guides

Managing the menopause consultation guide

The angry patient consultation

Price: £19.99, $29.99

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Price: £16.99, $22.94

ISBNs: 9781911510598 978-1-911510-59-8 Title: the gp consultation reimagined ISBNs: 9781911510666 978-1-911510-66-6 Title: the gp consultation reimagined