Modern Physics, second edition

For scientists and engineers

By John Taylor, Chris D. Zafiratos and Michael A. Dubson

Jun 2015 , 744 pp
ISBN 9781938787751
Price: £88.99, $125.00
With more than 100 years of combined teaching experience and PhDs in particle, nuclear, and condensed-matter physics, these three authors could hardly be better qualified to write this introduction to modern physics.  They have combined their award-winning teaching skills with their experience writing best-selling textbooks to produce a readable and comprehensive account of the physics that has developed over the last hundred years and led to today’s ubiquitous technology.  Assuming the knowledge of a typical freshman course in classical physics, they lead the reader through relativity, quantum mechanics, and the most important applications of both of these fascinating theories.
PART 1. Relativity

1 The Space and Time of Relativity

2 Relativistic Mechanics

PART 2. Quantum Mechanics

3 Atoms

4 Quantization of Light

5 Quantization of Atomic Energy Levels

6 Matter Waves

7 The Schrödinger Equation in One Dimension

8 The Three-Dimensional Schrödinger Equation

9 Electron Spin

10 Multielectron Atoms; the Pauli Principle and Periodic Table

11 Atomic Transitions and Radiation

PART 3. Systems with Two or More Atoms

12 Molecules

13 Solids – Theory

14 Solids – Applications

15 Statistical Mechanics

PART 4. Subatomic Physics

16 The Structure of Atomic Nuclei

17 Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions

18 Elementary Particles

APPENDIX A Physical Constants

APPENDIX B Useful Mathematical Relations

APPENDIX C Alphabetical Lists of the Elements

APPENDIX D Atomic and Nuclear Data
Price: £88.99, $125.00

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