The Evolution of Vertebrate Blood Clotting

By Russell F. Doolittle

Nov 2012 , 232 pp
ISBN 9781891389818
Price: £39.99, $52.00
Illuminated by a great assortment of original illustrations, this remarkable book charts the step-by-step evolution of vertebrate blood coagulation.  Intended for readers with a background in biological science, it is specifically targeted for those in the field of molecular evolution and researchers in the area of blood clotting.  The orderly way in which gene duplications provided new genes for fine-tuning the system serves as a model for how complex physiological systems in general have evolved.  The book includes suggestions for specific genetic engineering experiments that can be done to illustrate how molecular evolution works.  An extensive glossary and guide to the current literature combine to make this book ideal for course use as well as for self study.


Part I: Laying the Groundwork

Chapter 1: Blood Clotting in Humans

Chapter 2: Clotting Inhibitors and Fibrinolysis

Chapter 3: Localizing Clots

Chapter 4: Proteins and Domains

Chapter 5: Fibrinogen and Fibrin

Chapter 6: Animals, Their Proteins and Phylogenetics

Chapter 7: Gene Duplications

Chapter 8: Genomes

Part II: Searching Through Genomes

Chapter 9: Genomes of Fish with Jaws

Chapter 10: Lamprey Clotting Genes

Chapter 11: Contact Factors and Other Embellishments

Chapter 12: Protochordate Genomes

Chapter 13: How the System Began



Price: £39.99, $52.00

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