Physics Of Astrophysics Volume 1-Radiation

By Frank Shu

Mar 2011 , 310 pp
ISBN 9781891389764
Price: £73.99, $92.00
Presented in two volumes, The Physics of Astrophysics is ideally suited for a year-long astrophysics course for university seniors and first-year graduate students. The first volume deals with the emission, absorption, and scattering of radiation by matter, as well as covering related topics such as radiative transfer, statistical physics, classical electrodynamics, and atomic and molecular structure.
Part 1: Radiative Transfer and Statistical Mechanics
Part 2: Classical Theory of Radiation Processes
Part 3: Quantum Theory of Radiation Processes
Price: £73.99, $92.00

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ISBNs: 9781891389764 978-1-891389-76-4 Title: physics of astrophysics volume 1-radiation