Chemical Structure and Bonding

By Roger L. DeKock and Harry B Gray

May 1991 , 491 pp
ISBN 9780935702613
Price: £43.99, $49.00
Designed for use in inorganic, physical, and quantum chemistry courses, this textbook includes numerous questions and problems at the end of each chapter and an Appendix with answers to most of the problems.
1. Atomic Structure
2. Atomic and Molecular Properties
3. The Valence Bond and Hybrid Orbital Descriptions of Chemical Bonding
4. The Molecular Orbital Theory of Electronic Structure and the Spectroscopic Properties of Diatomic Molecules
5. Electronic Structures, Photoelectron Spectroscopy, and the Frontier Orbital Theory of Reactions and Polyatomic Molecules
6. Transition-Metal Complexes
7. Bonding in Solids and Liquids
Answers to Selected Questions and Problems
Price: £43.99, $49.00

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ISBNs: 9780935702613 978-0-935702-61-3 Title: chemical structure and bonding