Methods Express

Sep 2007 , 294 pp
ISBN 9781904842231
Price: £70.00, $105.00
Sep 2007 , 294 pp
ISBN 9781907904370
Price: £34.00, $45.90
Bioinformatics: Methods Express is unique. It is a book on bioinformatics that makes sense to non-bioinformaticians.
Bioinformatics: Methods Express helps you answer common questions such as:
*what else is similar to my gene?
*does this protein have any transmembrane regions?
*how do I visualize an alignment between these DNAs?
*where can I find specific transcription factor sequences?

The book provides the clear advice and explicit protocols that non-bioinformaticians need in order to understand what to do - and how to avoid common pitfalls. Each chapter guides you through the major databases and tools with worked examples - all accompanied by sample data files available online.

Topics covered include:
*data access
*sequence searches and alignments
*identification and annotation of features
*the transcriptome
*protein structure and function
*comparisons and phylogeny

Bioinformatics: Methods Express is a comprehensive manual for all wet-bench scientists who need to use bioinformatics - from postgraduate student to principal investigator.

www.scionpublishing.com/bioinformatics contains comprehensive datasets which allow the reader to practise the techniques described in the book.
(Paul H. Dear)
1. Database resources for wet-bench scientists (Neil Hall and Lynn Schriml)
2. Navigating sequenced genomes (Melody Clark and Thomas Schlitt)
3. Sequence similarity searches (Jaap Heringa and Walter Pirovano)
4. Gene prediction (Marie-Adele Rajandream)
5. Prediction of non coding transcripts (Alex Bateman and Sam Griffiths-Jones)
6. Finding regulatory elements in DNA sequence (Debraj GuhaThakurta and Gary Stormo)
7. Expressed sequence tags (Arthur Gruber)
8. Protein structure, classification and prediction (Arthur Lesk)
9. Gene ontology (Vineet Sangar)
10. Prediction of protein function (Rodrigo Lopez)
11. Multiple sequence alignment (Burkhard Morgenstern)
12. Inferring phylogenetic relationships from sequence data (Peter Foster)
Price: £70.00, $105.00

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Price: £34.00, $45.90

ISBNs: 9781904842231 978-1-904842-23-1 Title: bioinformatics ISBNs: 9781907904370 978-1-907904-37-0 Title: bioinformatics